What’s in my school bag | ATypicalLife

Hey guys! Sorry for the little disappearance! I had a dance show and school started again so I’ve been quite busy! However, I’m back! And it’s September! Whattt?! That’s literally crazy. I was going to do an August favourites for you guys and then remembered I was poor last month and didn’t really buy anything else to have as a favourite. However, as it’s now school again and the summer has technically over (though I’m clinging on until September 22nd) i thought I would do a what’s in my school bag!!

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Lemon Drizzle Loaf | ATypicalLife

thumbnail_IMG_5600Hey guys! You’re probably aware that i didn’t post on Wednesday again and today is Monday not Sunday but I think I’m gonna be just posting weekly again as I’ve been really busy and I was going to start posting every Sunday again when I get back to school anyway, (which is just over a week, please don’t make me go) I hope you don’t mind! Also, I’ve got a dance show next Sunday so I will probably be posting that post on Saturday instead so I don’t have to stress about it. Okay so now we’ve gotten all that out of the way, I thought I’d share an amazing recipe for a lemon drizzle loaf. I will put my hands up in saying that I have actually not made this before but I gave the recipe to my auntie and she made an absolutely amazing one so I thought I’d share the deliciousness with you

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Q&A | Atypicallife

IMG_5458.JPGHey guys! Sorry there was no post on Wednesday. I’ve been really busy and just took a mini break for like a week which felt really good so that meant I haven’t really been active on all your posts too and I’m excited to go through and read them all now I’m back! I also had a really bad day yesterday for my anxiety which was not cute so coming back and answering these questions makes me feel so much more at home and warm. So I asked for some Q&A questions on my Instagram and recent post and I actually got quite a few so I’m really excited to go through and answer these!!

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Morphe 350 review| ATypicalLife

morphe.jpgHey guys! So the most controversial thing about Morphe is how you say it right? So I say it like morphe instead of morph-ee. But I won’t lie, I don’t have a clue how it’s actually meant to be said. Morphe 350 was the first morphe palette I ever bought, in fact it’s the only Morphe palette I’ve ever bought but I’ve had it for quite a few months now so I thought I’d share with you if I actually think it’s worth it!

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What’s in my makeup bag? W/ Jess | ATypicalLife

IMG_5396Hey guys, before I properly get into this post I just wanted to let you all know that this is a collab with the wonderful Jess. Please go check out her blog, she posts regularly (way more regularly than me) and her posts are all amazing standard, I've never read one without a smile on my face. I'm so excited to read what she has in her makeup bag so after you've read this, go check out hers!

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My summer morning routine | ATypicalLife

morning routineHey guys! So at the minute I’m sat watching friends and thought I’d write a post for you guys! So I’ve been on my summer holiday for about two weeks and I already don’t want it to end because I go into year 11 and yes, I’ve heard all of the horror stories. But it’s my dance show two days before term starts so it’s unfair. However, while I was in bed earlier I was thinking of some posts I wanted to write for you guys because I always get my best ideas either in the shower or in bed first thing in the morning, mainly because I’m in both so much, and I decided to write my summer holiday morning routine for you!

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The Disney tag & 500 followers?! | ATypicalLife

disney tagHey guys! So before I get into this post, I recently hit 500 followers and that's literally crazy as I only hit 400 about 3 weeks ago. Thank you so so much! The comments and love I receive on here are amazing and make me feel so happy, especially when you say you enjoyed it or loved something I recommended. I absolutely love blogging and I hope you love reading it too. Thank you!!! Okay so now I've had my little emotional speech, I started this post months ago when I first watched the new beauty and the beast but never finished it and I really wanted to start it afresh and answer the questions again so I'll get right on into it!

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Liebster award | ATypicalLife

liebster award.png

Hey guys! So I’ve recently been nominated for the liebster award by an amazing blogger called TheCourtneeyEve , which is literally amazing (thank you!).I was nominated for this about a year ago and have been nominated since but I didn’t do them all since they were quite close together but as I haven’t done it in a while I thought I would do it this time! TheCourneeyeve’s blog is literally so good but she isn’t quite well known yet so please check her out and give her some love, she deserves it. Okay so I think I’ll get straight into the questions because I don’t think I have anything else to say!

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My top 5 book picks| ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So recently I’ve fallen into the pitfalls of reading again. I really go through phases were I either read no books in about 6 months- or about 10 books in a month, and July has been one of those months. I’ve discovered quite a few favourites while also rekindling with some of my old loves. Anyway, it got me thinking about how much I love reading and that I want to share with you my favourite books. You will all be expecting ‘The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting” but I won’t be including it purely because of the fact it’s all I talk about and you’re probably all sick of hearing about it. By the way these aren’t in order because I couldn’t choose between then! This is going to be a long post so get a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy this post

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