Sales Haul-|ATypicalLife

Hey guys so I got quite a bit of money for Christmas! I am really grateful for that,so I thought because of that,i would do a haul for you guys because I knew I would do a lot of shopping.So I went to town today with BeautyBlogger¬†and bought quite a few things,i have also ordered quite a few items but they haven’t come yet-though ill include them anyway.

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2016 beauty favourites|ATypicalLife

Hey guys,so right now i’m in bed watching Tangled,at this point exactly I’m singing when will my life begin because it’s just a classic right? However,i didn’t come to share with you my Disney favourites-though that is now a post for the future.I came to share my beauty favourites over the last year.It is officially 2017! what? it’s gone so quick,i hope you all had the best Christmas,if you don’t celebrate it then I hope you’ve had a good few days off doing nothing.i know I did.When I was trying to actually think of things for this post,i was racking my brains for a while but now I think I’ve finally got some great things to share with you all

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