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Hey guys! So a couple of days ago I asked for some questions about friendship because I wanted to do a q&a on it, I got quite a few questions so I thought I would write it up now as I’m listening to some James Bay and eating pizza express dough balls.

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Friends-Q&A questions needed |ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So I’ve been pretty inactive recently,however I’m back as it’s my half term and I really want to share some things with you and talk to you about quite a tricky subject.Friends.Sounds weird? It is.I am lucky enough to have a really good group of friends but obviously there are a few people I probably have disputes with or disagree with and obviously I haven’t always had great friends! Though I feel the massive need to talk to you about this I don’t really know where to start so please leave questions down below about any issues/advice or general questions around the friends theme and I’ll be sure to answer them in a really ranty blog post.Thanks guys! Byeee x

ATypicalLife x