August Favourites|ATypicalTeenagersLife

Hey guys! So another month has come and gone and that only means one thing.August favourites. I have quite a lot of things I want to share with you so grab a snack and a nice cup of hot chocolate,you know,its September now! autumn is this month,get your hot chocolate out! but seriously guys I have already decided this is going to be a loooong post so make sure you have a lot of time.I’m going to separate this in to categories,thats how long it is 😉 .

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Charity Hair cut|ATypicalTeenagersLife

So hey guys! Guess who has just had their hair cut! Well by the time you’re reading this it will have nearly been cut a week but to me I’ve just had it done! It’s so strange,I’ve had my hair down to my bum all my life and now it’s just past my shoulders,I like it though and it’s all for a good cause.I don’t want to drag this post on for absolutely ages because I know you all just want to see the before and after pictures but I do want to ramble a bit!
So at 9:00am me and Beautyblogger were so nervous,we were just about to go in and we were getting before pictures.Honestly,my heart was racing like mad,it sounds shallow but what if it looked awful? What if they cut too much off? Or too little that it wasn’t accepted? So many thoughts were going through my head it was ridiculous.But luckily I didn’t get time to worry long because we were in and it started straight away.I went first because we only had one hairdresser between us and Beautyblogger didn’t want to go first.Basically if you wanted to know the process,they measure the amount of inches you’re getting cut (8 inches for me) from the very ends of you hair then put a bobble where the mark is,plait it and secure it with another bobble and then cut it off! They then just tidy your hair up because obviously it’s not even once you’ve cut it in a plait.Just a reminder though,once you have cut it about another inch will be cut off to tidy it up so just keep that in mind! Sadly the photos won’t upload without messing up the thumbnail so if you want to see the difference then please check out my Instagram:Typicalteenager76!

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