What I got for Christmas 2018 | ATypicalLife

Hey guys! Christmas is not-so-officially over. Most of the Christmas food has been eaten, the games have been played and the Christmas decs are.. still up. We don’t take our decs down until New Years Eve but Christmas lives on for another week so I am very very happy about that. But now Boxing Day has gone, Christmas has basically finished for me. However, that means: What I got for Christmas! I haven’t done a full one of these before but these year I was well and truly spoiled and wanted to show you all what I received!

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Collabs and q&a questions needed

Hi guys! Just a quick post that will most likely be deleted soon. I’m looking to do some collabs, if interested just leave a comment below of your site and what type of collab you’d like to do.

Also, i’m looking to do a q&a in the new year so any questions please also leave them below. Thanks!

ATypicalLife x

Life update -Where have I been?! | ATypicalLife

P.s: im aware it’s not Tuesday but Tuesday ended up being Christmas Day

Hey guys! Long time no see, I’m genuinely sorry! I keep planning to get back into blogging and then quite honestly, i can’t be bothered. I feel like i sort of have some excuses though? Sort of being very key there. So the last time i properly blogged was summer 2017. It’s now nearly 2019. Oops. There were a couple of posts in October 2017 and June 2018 but nothing that I really kept up with. So I’m sort of just going to give you a little update really – I love reading these sort of posts and since I haven’t spoke to you at all in like six months. It’s probably a good idea.

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