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IMG_5458.JPGHey guys! Sorry there was no post on Wednesday. I’ve been really busy and just took a mini break for like a week which felt really good so that meant I haven’t really been active on all your posts too and I’m excited to go through and read them all now I’m back! I also had a really bad day yesterday for my anxiety which was not cute so coming back and answering these questions makes me feel so much more at home and warm. So I asked for some Q&A questions on my Instagram and recent post and I actually got quite a few so I’m really excited to go through and answer these!!

Q:Future career you would like to go into? BeautyBlogger and TheDiaryOfEllie

A: Okay so I’m sort of stuck between a few things at the moment. One thing I’d love to do is blogging full time but for a while now I’ve wanted to do some jobs that are in the subject of English Literature. I’d absolutely love to be a novel editor/ author or maybe an English teacher. I just love literature haha. Can you tell?

What’s your favourite skincare brand? –Sprinkle Of Serena and BeautyBlogger 

This is pretty hard because there’s two brands that I love absolutely equally and they are simple and neutrogena. However I think I would have to choose neutrogena because even though I use a simple moisturiser and toner, I know that I could probably trust neutrogenas brand to make me a moisturiser and toner that I love but I don’t know if I would feel the same about using a simple scrub or facial wash.

What made you want to start blogging? – EverythingBeauty and MrsK

Two of my friends had a blog and as I was a massive copycat when I was a bit younger I wanted to start one too. One of my friends unfortunately doesn’t blog anymore but the other one is BeautyBlogger! Anyway, I started doing more comedy like posts but then realised as I got into it more, I wanted to write about lifestyle and beauty etc, with obviously some comedy in there too. I realised that I absolutely loved it and all the feedback that you guys always give me just makes me want to carry on.

If you only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you pick? LittleBlogOfMakeup

Ahh this is so hard but I love this question. See I want to say McDonald’s burgers but I know that’d probably kill me so..no. However, there used to be these ‘Snack attack’ things in Tesco that I absolutely loved and I’ve recently proper craved them again but they don’t sell them anymore! So I basically recreate my own, it’s just ham, cheese string and tomato ketchup in a wrap! I’m aware that sounds absolutely gross but seriously try it, you’ll love it! So yeah it’d probably be that! If that counts because it’s more than one food? Or maybe crepes because you can have savoury or sweet? Okay I’m going to finish this question or I’ll be here for ages ahah. But yeah I think it would be those wraps! Let me know if you used to buy those!

What’s your favourite quote? JazzieEditsAndPhotography

I won’t lie I have loads. I absolutely love the typical (get it?) ‘she believed she could so she did’ but that’s so cliche now because it’s been overused. A few of my other favourites are ‘be the one who decided to go for it’ and ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’ I’m a massive sucker for influential quotes, I’m planning to print a load off and put them into frames, work for what you want guys! You only live once. Oops.

If you only take 5 people to Disneyland, who would you take? Beautyblogger

This is so hard I hate it. See I would obviously take you, BeautyBlogger because the fangirling over Disney would be crazy. See I would want to take my full friendship group but they’re not really proper Disney fans so.. I would want to take my mum and sister but I know they aren’t the biggest Disney fans either. However, I think I would have to take them just to share the best experience with them. Okay so that’s 3 of them. Okay I can’t think of any more really, is that bad? I can take celebrities as well so I’d take Emma Watson because she’s my absolute like favourite. I crush on her so bad. And I’d also take Tanya Burr because she’s so cute and I love her and her at Disneyland would just be the best. Okay I think that’s who I’d take? If I didn’t take celebrities I’d take my two friends Victoria and Katie who are a little older than me but I’ve known them since I was tiny and they are fans of Disney so.. makes the perfect choice doesn’t it.

Favourite makeup brand? – TheDayDreamersJournal

Hmm I use so many makeup brands this is really difficult. Probably maybelline or rimmel, which is probably bad because I’m hoping to only buy cruelty free brands from now. Like I’ll use what I have now but then but cruelty free brands. Maybelline do the best mascara and rimmel are my absolute babes for foundation so it’s going to be hard to replace them, please let me know some cruelty free brands below! However I do have a love for Too Faced and they’re cruelty free, its just a shame it’s high end so it’s so expensive.

Who are some bloggers you’re into right now? The KS Chronicles

Ooh I absolutely love this question, some of my absolute favourites at the moment are Elm,she writes beautifully,Brooke, God I wish I could post as often as her and Jess, if you are unsure about a product, she’s probably done a review on it, so go check her out. I’m trying to think of some more, ooh I love Courtney Eve, she’s so sweet! and Beautyholics101, they’re doing amazingly at the moment! They’re some of my absolute favourites at the moment! And I’m quite picky about who I follow.

What are your tips to make your eyes bigger? IngridMadisonAve

Obviously a good mascara but something that really helps to widen your eyes is eyeliner on your waterline,especially the bottom, if you’re going for more of a smokey eye then just use black but if you’re going for a daytime look then a white eyeliner on your bottom waterline really does the trick! I know it sounds a little scary using white eyeliner but I promise it looks really natural and helps to widen your eyes and make them look so much bigger!

What’s the place on the top of your bucket list to travel? Itsjustmenow

This question makes me happy because you all know how much I want to travel. Ah I really don’t know if I can pick, I really want to go to Rome, Amsterdam, Egypt, Paris, Berlin etc and just Europe all together but at the moment at the top of my bucket list is the USA! Just in general really, I’d love to do a road trip all over America as I’ve never been before, I’d really want to see the Grand Canyon.

How many children do you want and what would you name them? Sprinkle Of Serena

Hmm I’m stuck between 2 or 3. If I had two I would want a boy and a girl but If I had 3 then I would want two boys and a girl. I change what I want to name them all the time but for a girl I really like Maddison or Aaliyah. I also really like Brooke. For a boy I quite like Austin or Sam.

What’s your best tip for new bloggers? KimmsBeautyy

Be active on other peoples blogs! Don’t just be a writer, be a reader too. Find bloggers that you absolutely love and comment on their posts! People will only find you if you put yourself out there! It’s also amazing to make friends. The blog community is so nice and you’ll always make friends, make sure you make blogging fun or you’ll never enjoy it or stick at it.

What’s your favourite genre of music? Tama

I’m massively into acoustic pop music. Like I really love pop but I’m one of those people that loves to sing along and sometimes just have it slightly more chill and Spotify do an amazing acoustic pop playlist that I love. I also love like country pop. I don’t know what the genre is actually called but people like Frank Hamilton and He is We. But then I also love bands like tøp and Panic! So I don’t know if I have a favourite music genre

What are your hobbies? Tama

Umm I go to dance class and I really enjoy it so I guess that, I also love art though gcse has taken the fun out of it a bit. Im a massive bookworm too and you’ll more often than not catch me reading or writing something because I’m in a phase at the minute where I’ll read about 19 books in a week, I won’t be when the holidays are over though ahah. Also, blogging counts as a hobby right?!

What is one thing you’re really proud of? Tama

So this blog recently hit 700 followers so obviously I am very proud and ecstatic about that. I thought this was a nice question to end on as I can thank you all for your support and love.

So that is my Q&A finished! I’m pretty sure I answered all the questions but I’m really sorry if I didn’t! I love writing these types of posts because they’re my absolute favourite to come back and read a while later, so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Like, comment and follow if you enjoyed and hopefully I’ll see you on Wednesday! Bye

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

ATypicalLife x

51 thoughts on “Q&A | Atypicallife

  1. Nicki says:

    Very cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. 🙂

    I think if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I’d be in so much trouble. I love food! Can I cheat and go with “salad” because they’re so versatile I’d still be able to enjoy lots of my favorites? 😉

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  2. alicedotkay says:

    I’m a new follower to your blog, so it was so good being able to find out more about you! ❤ that's great you take dance classes, what kind of dance form do you take? 🙂 I come from a Ballet background.

    Liked by 1 person

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