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Hey guys! So I’ve recently been nominated for the liebster award by an amazing blogger called TheCourtneeyEve , which is literally amazing (thank you!).I was nominated for this about a year ago and have been nominated since but I didn’t do them all since they were quite close together but as I haven’t done it in a while I thought I would do it this time! TheCourneeyeve’s blog is literally so good but she isn’t quite well known yet so please check her out and give her some love, she deserves it. Okay so I think I’ll get straight into the questions because I don’t think I have anything else to say!

1) What’s your favourite thing to cook/bake?
Okay so I do absolutely love to bake but I’m not very good at it quite honestly ahah, I really like to just make normal chocolate chip cookies when it’s bad weather outside so I can just eat them while watching a film with my family. However, about a year ago, me and my best friend did a bake sale for charity at school and I really liked making these Nutella and white chocolate pinwheel biscuits out of Tanya’s book: Tanya Bakes. Surprisingly they wasn’t too hard, though the process of actually making them pinwheel was haha.

2) What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?
I’m literally the most boring person ever, I’m not kidding. I held a snake the other day? That’s not extreme enough is it ahah. Ummm I’m not sure if this is really extreme but I went to 3 cities in 3 days? On Friday night I went to Manchester (to watch Doddleoddle in concert! Whoooh). Then on Saturday I went to Birmingham for a photography convention and then on Sunday I went to Kingston Upon Hull for a cinema trip and a lil bit of shopping. Told you I was boring! Sorry

3) What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
I would immediately go to town to do some shopping I think. Then I would plan a bigger shopping trip to somewhere like Meadowhall and then at the same time I would book a holiday for me and my family and friends. I’d also keep pay my parent’s mortgage off and save some to buy a house for myself when I’m old enough. I mean it only asked for the first thing but you know, I have it all planned incase I win the lottery.

4) Out of everywhere you’ve travelled, which is your favourite?
I haven’t travelled much unfortunately, I’ve only ever been out of the country once but I was only 2 so I can’t really remember. However, in the country, I really like London. I’ve only been there once, I’ll admit. But it was great, the motivation and atmosphere is great. I don’t think I could live there because of the business but London is so cultural and historic it’s amazing. I really want to go back and go to the dungeons and Madame Tussaud’s. It’s not in the question but the two biggest places on my bucket list at the moment are Amsterdam and Paris/Florida (Disneyland) .

5) What’s your favourite book, movie and TV show?
My favourite book is either The Manifesto on how to be interesting, am I normal yet? Or what’s a girl gotta do? They’re all by the same author so I’m quite lucky ahah, Holly Bourne is just so great. My favourite movie at the minute is Tangled I think. I don’t watch movies too often but Tangled is a movie you can really get into or just have on in the background. I think a movie that ties with this is Moana though! An independent woman that travels the sea with an absolutely hilarious Demi-god and a chicken? Yes please. My favourite TV show has to be Friends, vampire diaries is close if I really want to sit and get into something but I love to watch tv and do something else at the same time so friends is always perfect, and it’s hilarious.

6) What do you do in your downtime?
I love to blog, read or watch YouTube. I really am boring ahah, you never realise how boring you are until you answer these questions. No but seriously, right now I’m sat blogging with Dodie Clark and Jon Cozart in the background. I’ve had a busy week please don’t judge.

7) What’s your favourite post you’ve ever written?
Okay so weirdly enough my favourite blog post is on private now. It was my mental health post. I privated it because it was private but it did help a lot of people so if you want that back I will re-upload it, let me know in the comments. Out of my posts that are public, I love my New Years resolutions and my top 5 book picks.

8) What is the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced?
Both of my grandads have been seriously ill in the past. My Great grandad had skin cancer a few years back and that was absolutely terrifying, he’s okay now. My other grandad had a serious illness at Christmas and we thought he would have to be in hospital over Christmas and didn’t know what would happen which was also really scary. He’s also okay and he was at home for Christmas!

9) If you could take anyone travelling with you, who would it be?
No I don’t like this question ahah. It’s weird because I really want to go to New York and Paris with my mum. I am desperate to go to Disney world/Land with my best friend Lottie and I want to go to quite a few places with my sister. I can’t choose, all three of them!

10)What’s one place you really want to visit?
Just one? Okay so I already mentioned about Amsterdam and Florida/Paris and the other places above so a different place I really want to travel to is Turkey. It’s literally just so culturally beautiful. I don’t know many places in Turkey but Santorini is gorgeous! And Lebanon too.

11) What’s one thing you love about yourself?
I love that this extra question is included. Okay so I actually really like my eyes, not so much the colour. They’re a really deep brown and I have quite long eyelashes without mascara (still wear tons of it though lol). My hair I quite like too. That’s about it though ahah.

Who I am tagging:

My questions for others:
1)What’s your favourite pair of shoes?
2)What’s your favourite season?
3)If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?
4) You could have unlimited free travel outside of your home country but you could never go back into your home country again. Would you do it?
5) If you had to paint your whole house one colour what would it be?
6) Somewhere you really want to travel? Why?
7) What was/is your favourite subject at school? Why?
8)What was your favourite present you ever received as a child?
9)If you could learn to play any instrument what would it be?
10) What language would you like to learn?

Okay guys so that is everything! Even if I haven’t tagged you and you want to give this a go, please do!! It’s so fun and I loved answering these questions. Thank you for reading! Bye!

What’s your favourite season?

ATypicalLife x

28 thoughts on “Liebster award | ATypicalLife

  1. anonymousblogger444 says:

    Hi, I am wanting to contact you through email about Liebster Award. However, on the contact page for some reason it doesn’t show it. So would it be alright if I used the photo at the top. No problem if I can’t. I was going to say something else but can’t remember but thank you for nominating. I love doing Liebster awards


    • typicalteenager76 says:

      Ah yes I’m just in the middle of getting all the details for my contact page.And yes! It’s absolutely fine, it’s a shared photo. You’re welcome! Can’t wait to read your answers xxx

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