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Hey guys! So it’s nearly around a month into summer but quite honestly I won’t accept it’s summer until I am on my summer holiday which is in a few days. However, if you know me then you know I don’t like to waste my holiday, so I set myself some things I want to do before the summer ends.

1-Have a job: So I did have a job, but plans changed and the company could no longer afford to keep me on so I lost out on that one. That now means I have no money and yes, I am suffering quite majorly as a makeup and clothing loving teen. So I really want to find a small job so I can get some money, even if it’s only a summer job.

2- Have a water party: I sort of nicked this from BeautyBlogger’s summer post from last year as she wanted a pool party. I just want like water guns and water balloons with food and music, and maybe a pool if we’re pushing the boat out, I have no where to do this so it won’t happen but hey, a girl can dream right?

3- Be prepared for year 11: Okay so call me crazy but I’ve heard how hard year 11 is so through the summer holidays I want to go through the topics in each subject that I learned in year 10 so when we run through them quickly before exams, I will know them and won’t have to relearn them when I’m already stressing about the new stuff I need to be learning

4- Get a 3rd piercing: okay so I’m sort of contemplating this one, I might change my mind but basically at the minute I’ve got two ear piercings and I think I want another one doing, I originally wanted the helix doing but I’ve heard it’s really painful and can get infected quite easily, so while I’m doing dance, I don’t think it’s the best idea so instead I’m contemplating getting the gradual lobe piercing or just a third piercing on my upper lobe but I still have to think about it for a bit first

5- Do something for a charity: So i cut my hair for charity last year and raised over £300 and I would absolutely love to do something like that again, in Summer 2018 I’m going to cut my hair for charity again but it isn’t quite long enough to do yet so this year i want to raise some money another way. I am helping my friend and her Nan out at our local lighthouse to raise money which will definitely go towards this and I’m trying to think of something else to do so please leave your suggestions below!!

6- Write a book: Okay maybe I don’t have to complete this by the end of summer because let’s be honest, it takes a bit longer. This doesn’t have to be a perfect story or whatever but I absolutely love reading and especially writing so I really want to write my own stories, one I have in mind at the moment is about a girl who loses her sister and sets out to find her with one of her teachers who also lost his sister at the same date, however some people try to stop them. Okay I didn’t sell it very well there but you get the gist!

7- Reach 500 followers on this blog? That’s half a thousand and would be absolutely crazy! When I think about it I just can’t get over the fact that 500 is like half of my school and to think that that amount of people have liked or still do like what I write is absolutely crazy. I have 435 at the moment so 500 by September 21st? Come on guys I know we can do it!!

7-Get my room how I want it: So I’ve been in the midst of changing my room about for a solid 2-3 years, I now have wallpaper done and a dressing table. Though it might not get finished by the end of summer I really want to get my curtains and flooring sorted and to start thinking about a new bed. I absolutely love buying little homely bits for my room and honestly I’d love to be an interior designer it’s just so fun.

8-Go on a day trip: So two years ago (I think) I went to Bridlington with BeautyBlogger and last year I went to quite a lot of places with my friend Ali and I’ve got some really good memories of all the places I went that I will treasure forever and I would love to make some more this summer, I would love to see to go to Bridlington again but also want to see some over places like Daley Forest or London but that’s a little bit higher up there.

Okay so that’s pretty much all my bucket list I think, there is probably more in there to be honest but that’s all I can really think of. I hope to make this summer really productive but probably won’t! Okay guys I hope you really liked this post, thanks for reading! Bye!

ATypicalLife x

What’s the top thing on your summer bucket list? X

35 thoughts on “My summer bucket list | ATypicalLife

  1. lunablogsz says:

    you list is awesome, I have a summer bucket list post planned for later this week! it’s so cool to see what other people are planning on doing this summer😊💘

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  2. lfwbyc says:

    Great list! I’m actually writing something too so I hope you follow through with your thing 🙂 have to add the job point on mine too haha. Other thing would be to get more traffic on my blog. You have great pics too! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. anonymousblogger444 says:

    What a good summer list. I hoping to be prepared for year 10. Any tips? I hope you get your room done by the end of summer. Maybe you could do a room tour as one of your posts?

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    • typicalteenager76 says:

      The only tip I can give you is to keep on top of things, if you don’t understand anything at school then go over it at home, and as much as I hate to admit it, teachers don’t give you homework to be annoying, they give it to help you, so keeping on top of it is really good. For being prepared for year 10 isn’t essential but if you do have some spare time just go over what you know or got confused with in year 9 as you don’t want to be trying to learn new stuff while being confused with the old. Sorry for rambling! Hope this helped! And Thankyou so much, yes! What a good idea xx

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  4. adele miner says:

    Ah I am sorry about losing your job, this has happened to me before too when my company went into liquidation so I know how this feels! And I really hope you do write your book, I love the idea of it! You have an amazing blog here too by the way, well done lovely! x

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  5. Maggie says:

    Awesome list, girl!! Having a pool/water party is a great idea 😄 the main thing still on my summer bucket list is to have a CoolWhip fight (as opposed to a shaving cream fight), because I’m sure that would be loads of fun! x

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  6. modestlytas says:

    Everything on your list sounds so fun! Definitely going to be stealing some ideas haha x I’m planning on posting a summer bucket list today as well! Loving your blog so far and I hope you reach 500 followers x

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  7. mysweetplorations says:

    Ah! Reading your list seriously makes me wish I would have done more this summer. Considering in the U.S, Summer begins on June 22nd until September 22nd, I still have time but I have just been so consumed with finding anew joband securing housing. Though the place I was employed closed, I am thankful that the managers decided to keep my around due to my work ethic; only it really hasn’t been enough necessarily so the struggle is certainly real. Blessed, though..blessed.

    Hope you can fulfill your list.
    ~ Bree

    By the way, there is a charity-initiative called Dancember that will be formally launching via the site next month. Basically, it’s a month-long initiative that takes place in December to raise money for an organization called Convoy Of Hope: dedicated to providing for the needs of children. Even though the initiative itself does not start until December, you can help raise money, spread the word, etc. I’ve been doing this for years now: .

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  8. TheScribblyDoodle says:

    I love a bucket list-especially a summer one. Don’t worry about year 11, it’s not as bad as people make out. Just take each bit as it comes, try and be organised but also try to enjoy it- after that you’ll be entering a bigger world where you can follow your dreams 🙂

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    • typicalteenager76 says:

      Yeah I’m quite scared ahah but people say even though it’s the scariest year, it’s the best. So I’m really looking forward to if! Thank you for the inspiration xx


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