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Hey guys! Sorry for the little disappearance! I had a dance show and school started again so I’ve been quite busy! However, I’m back! And it’s September! Whattt?! That’s literally crazy. I was going to do an August favourites for you guys and then remembered I was poor last month and didn’t really buy anything else to have as a favourite. However, as it’s now school again and the summer has technically over (though I’m clinging on until September 22nd) i thought I would do a what’s in my school bag!!

So this bag is from river island and I’m literally in love with it, even though about 9 other people have the same bag in my school, it’s very popular as you can tell haha. I just love the colour, it’s very autumnesque and if anyone knows me they know I’m obsessed with this sort of colour. It’s pretty big and has some pockets in and I’m 97% sure it was £36

Okay so the first thing I have in my bag is my pencil case. This is one from Tesco actually, it’s grey with flowers on and it’s extremely cute, it was an impulse buy as I needed one and I was shopping like a week before school with no pencil case haha. This just has in my pencils, pens, a rubber, a sharpener, some highlighters and a glue stick in, I’m still hoping to get some colourful ink joys but I can’t find a big pack anywhere! I’ve tried to keep it pretty basic as I always buy a stupid amount of things to go in my pencil case and don’t end up using half of it by the end of the year anyway

The next thing in my bag is my little necessities bag, I used to use this as my actual makeup bag but now I have it in my school bag with some powder in, some bobbles, grips, lip balm, and some body spray. It’s just very helpful to have as I always end up needing them and it’s so much better to have them in one tiny bag instead of all over in your actual bag because who wants to look for a bobble and find one in the bottom of your bag covered in hair and crumbs? Not me.

In my small pocket I have my memory stick because I do media and it’s way too much stuff to keep on my profile at school because it gets full so easily, so this is really helpful. I also keep tic tacs in there because we aren’t allowed chewing gum and I’m too lazy and not rebellious enough to get away with it so tic tacs are so much more discrete and still keep your breath fresh.

The next thing in my bag is my coat, I just keep this in my bag all the time now because I need it most days now we’re in autumn (whoooh!) and living in Britain means it very likely it will rain whenever you are going out and I’ve had way too many experiences where I haven’t had my coat on me and I go to school looking like a literal drowned rat because I walk to school

Okay so I also I have my planner in my bag, this basically has my lessons in and a little space for each day of the year just to write in what we need such as homework, by the end of the year I never end up using this but they’re always really picky at the beginning of the year and make us put it on our desk so I can’t really forget it at the moment

Okay so the last few things I have in my bag are just little things like my purse and my dance kit when I have dance at school which is twice a week, I also take a water bottle and a snack sometimes for break. As the year gets a bit further on I take textbooks and stuff too but it’s only the beginning of the year so I’m trying to take it as easy as possible right now.

So these are the main things I have in my school bag! Sorry I’ve been a-wal for a while but I think I’m going to be back now! Hopefully haha, just bear with me for a while especially now I’m in year 11. Thanks for reading guys! If you enjoyed then like and leave a comment and follow! Bye guys!

Where’s your handbag from?


ATypicalLife x

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