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Hey guys! It’s just a short post today but hopefully it’s extremely useful! So at the start of December, I had had my blog for four whole years, and that is crazy. However, there are so many things I wish I had done and known at the beginning to kickstart my blog a bit more. In the first year of blogging, I only had 10 followers by the end up of it. That’s why it amazes me so much to see you guys with 100s of followers when you first start! Recently, after 4 years I have hit 900 followers which I’m extremely grateful for. For the ones who aren’t blessed with getting so many followers straight away, I wanted to share a few tips that I learned over the four years that I’ve been blogging! Let’s get on with it!

  1. GET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY ON POINT – You have to include pictures. It brings way more people to your posts because of the obvious – it looks good and it attracts people. Since I’ve added pictures, I’m happy with the way my website looks and so is everybody else. My views have increased a lot because of it. If you can, choose a theme for your photos. I find it quite hard but if you had a common colour, it increases the aesthetics a lot. Photography is something that I love but I don’t have a lot of time for it outside of school so don’t worry- you don’t have to make your photos amazing or really complicated, just simple and pleasing to look at. Additionally, try to include something common in all your photos. For example, I include my title in all of my thumbnails with the same font and backing.
  2. USE TAGS AND CATEGORIES ON YOUR POSTS-People need to be able to find your posts in able to read them. Tags are the ones that help people to find them, and categories let people know what the post is about before it is read. Try to use as many tags that relate to your post but don’t use ones that don’t relate to the post, people will get annoyed and most likely switch off or unfollow.
  3. COMMUNICATE- Possibly the MOST important on here. Without this one, the rest of the tips don’t take as much of an effect. You have to build a community in your blog. If you expect followers and likes, you have to follow and like other people too. And i don’t mean just anyone, make sure you’re following the people you like and whose posts you’re attracted to or it won’t become enjoyable. Comment on their posts and they’re sure to check yours out too. Don’t be afraid to ask them to check out your blog if people aren’t looking at your page, sometimes a prompt is needed. Making friends is the best thing I’ve found about blogging, it increases your views but as most of you know, blogging isn’t just about the numbers and the happiness radiated from other people always makes one positive.
  4. GET AN INSTAGRAM- These days, instagram is the biggest social media platform. Also, unless you have a blog yourself, not many people read blogs casually. Therefore, it’s a really good idea to attract new readers through your blog Instagram. Having your link in your bio receives more clicks than you would think and it attracts a whole new set of readers to your posts.
  5. TRY TO MAKE UNIQUE POSTS BUT FOLLOW THE TREND- Im aware that contradicts itself but hear me out, try to make posts that aren’t done by every single blogger ever. Obviously if there’s some you really enjoy, keep doing them but don’t do some just for the sake of doing them. For example, if you need a post and can’t think of one, don’t just stick to a tag or something simple (unless it’s something you’ve always wanted to do). Your readers would rather see you miss a post or two than post something that only has half effort, they won’t read it. ONLY POST POSTS YOU ARE HAPPY WITH – YOUR VIEWERS WILL KNOW. Also, when I say follow the trend, we know Christmas advent posts are extremely popular and everyone is doing them throughout December, they will get you views. However, sticking to the unique aspect- there’s an idea that I’ve heard about called a reverse advent calendar where you give away items to charity. Keeping to the unique aspects but while going with the trends will get you a ridiculous amounts of views. That’s just one example, put a twist on any of your favourite trends.

So they are all of my tips! Obviously there are other things like post consistently, do collabs etc but I don’t really think they matter if you don’t have the others. I hope this has been really helpful as it’s what has helped me gain what I have throughout my blogging journey! Please let me know if these affect you!


ATypicalLife x

31 thoughts on “5 tips to boost your blog and its views for beginners | ATypicalLife

  1. mommacruce09 says:

    Great tips! I use to blog a long time ago…. then lost my domain and all
    That fun stuff and quit & recently came back it’s hard to get back into this & so many of my old
    Followed no longer blog as well. P


  2. Daralynn says:

    I already know this, but it’s always great to refresh the memory. It’s a booster to get back on track. Thanks for sharing!


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