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IMG_5396Hey guys, before I properly get into this post I just wanted to let you all know that this is a collab with the wonderful Jess. Please go check out her blog, she posts regularly (way more regularly than me) and her posts are all amazing standard, I've never read one without a smile on my face. I'm so excited to read what she has in her makeup bag so after you've read this, go check out hers!

Okay so as you've probably all realised from the title, this is a What's in my makeup bag. I mentioned this in my last post because I realised that though this is a beauty blog, I don't actually talk about makeup that regularly so I was more than excited to hear that you guys wanted this post. This is quite a long post so go grab a cuppa and some biscuits and without any further redo, this is what's in my makeup bag.

1) Mac prep + prime sample – Okay so I absolutely love these samples but I never want to pay for a full size one so instead, whenever I want one, I'll go on the mac website and order something else, along with picking this for my sample. My best friend and sister also don't like this primer that much as it includes shimmer and they both use the spray, so whenever they do a Mac purchase, they always pick one up for me. I love this primer, it keeps my makeup on all day whether I use a setting spray or not and makes my face so soft without making it feel sticky. It does include shimmer which some people don't like but when you have your makeup on, it covers it up. Additionally, the sample goes a long way and lasts me ages so if you were to get the full size product, you'd hardly ever need to repurchase

2) Rimmel match perfection foundation – I get this in the shade Ivory as its quite pale but not the palest, which is actually a really good match for my skin tone. This has a medium coverage but of course you can build up to create high coverage which is perfect for everyday or occasion wear. This retails as £7.99 which can be quite pricey but seriously, compared to higher end foundations, the price is amazing and I think it does the same job, this is a foundation I will always go back to.

3) Collectionconcealer – I think everybody uses this concealer or the seventeen staytime concealer (which I haven't actually tried) I've heard this concealer is such a good dupe for the urban decay one and honestly I will never swap from this concealer. It's an amazing price at £4.19 and the bottle is a reasonable size. I have got the worst bags ever and I've finally found a product that hides them a bit which I always thought was an impossible job. I'm pretty sure I got into this product because it was a 'YouTube made me buy it' situation. Everyone was talking about this concealer so I thought I would give it a go, and I'm so glad I did.

4) Rimmel stay matte pressed powder – So this is just a great pressed powder. I get the shade translucent so it doesn't matter if I have a tan or whatever and it's always worked for me. I've never had a reason to fault it and I'll always buy it without questioning it, it's a staple in my collection. The powder picks up onto the brush and onto the face amazingly well and it doesn't collect around the eyes or nose or anything like that. I don't really have much I can say about this but I've never heard a bad review of this and I've never had a reason to dislike it. I'm pretty sure it's on sale for under £5 from Superdrug, which is where I buy most of my drugstore makeup from.

5) Collection contour and highlight kit – This. Is. Amazing. Literally all my friends were using this about a year ago when I picked it up and it was only around £4.50 so I thought I'd give it a go. This was around a year ago and I've never turned back. The contour is really well pigmented with a soft warm shade of brown that makes your face look really well defined. However what really struck me was the highlighter. For a drugstore highlighter in around £4, it's amazing. I would not think that this was a drugstore highlighter. It's so pigmented and transfers amazingly. It will make you glow up. Again, like I said earlier, I bought this kit around a year ago and I have not hit pan on either yet and it doesn't look like I'm going to very soon. When I finally do finish this, I know I will be going straight to buy another one.

6)Mac Velvet teddy & Tanya Burr liquid lipstick in Martha Moo– So I thought I'd put these two together as they are my go to lip products. I do have some other lipsticks and stuff but these are my favourite everyday ones at the moment as they are both quite nude shades with a pink undertone. Martha Moo being slightly more pink. This makes them both perfect for summer- well if we were getting any summer weather anyway. They are both amazingly pigmented but my only downside is that they are both quite drying because they are matte but this can be fixed with some moisturiser before. I will definitely be repurchasing Martha Moo because I love the shade and the pigmentation. The price is also great retailing at £6 for quite a big tube. However, I don't know if I will be purchasing anymore Mac lipsticks as the price has increased again making them really expensive at £16.50. I may repurchase the 3 I already have when I run out but I won't buy any more shades.

7) Maybelline Brow satin – so I am always on the hunt for an amazing Brow product and I've found one I'm really satisfied with at the moment. I am the shade Dark Brown which is really strange as I have quite light brown hair with blonde in it but if I press lightly with the pencil then I can make it work perfectly. There are two sides to this, a pencil side to line the brows and a powder side to fill in gaps and things. I rarely use the powder if I'm honest, only if there's a slightly light bit or missing bit in my brow that I need to fill in but would look too dark with a pencil, I also sometimes use it to darken the ends of my brows but that's it, I fill in my actual Brow with the pencil. The pencil is really well pigmented and my only issue with it is that the lead can snap quite easily making me go through quite a few of these. However, they are cheap, and when they last, they last so I can deal with this. This costs £6.

8) Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara – I love this mascara! I'm always switching between this and my lash sensational mascara but recently I've ran out of my lash sensational so I've been making use of this one. It's such an amazing mascara, it thickens and blackens (not sure if that is a word) your eyelashes so well while giving them an amazing lift. It can hold quite a lot of product on the brush which can make your eyelashes quite clumpy which some people like but if you don't, wiping your mascara brush on some tissue before to remove the excess can be a really good way to get more everyday lashes. This is a high end product so it is quite pricey, coming in at £19. However, if you're not too sure, you can always buy the smaller version for £12.50 though it is still quite big!

9)Mac Amber x9 palette – Ah, my holy grail palette. I received this for my birthday recently from my friend and it's so good! The pigmentation is crazy and there's some absolutely beautiful shades! As golds can be used all year round, I thought this was literally the perfect compact for me. The eye shadows pack on so well with little fallout and they literally stay on all day! I haven't tried it without primer but when I let my friend borrow it, they said it stayed on without primer all day. The matte shades obviously have a little more staying power but the glitter shades were not far behind. All of the shades blend really well and look beautiful on any eye colour. This is £25 but when you work out that each shadow is £2.77, it works out really well for price

10)Morphe 350 palette – clearly this is too big to actually fit in my makeup bag but I use it everyday I thought I had to include it. This palette has so many useable shades I think I've pretty much used them all! There's shades for everyday use or occasion wear and the pigment and staying power is amazing. They don't blend as well as the mac shadows but with the right brush, they still blend crazily well. I heard so much about morphe last year and they have grown so much! I really want to try out their brushes and the 35F palette which is so hard to get a hold of! I'll be gutted when I run out of this palette but £22.50 for 35 shadows is amazing. That's only 65p per shadow! BeautyBay is an amazing store to buy this from if you're from the UK.

Okay so that is my everyday what's in my makeup bag! I would be interested in doing an occasion what's in my makeup bag where I include baking powder and eyeliner etc but I might have to wait till I actually have somewhere to go! I really enjoyed writing this post as I haven't done something like this in a while and don't forget to check out Jess for her take on what's in her makeup bag!
Also guys, the thumbnail wouldn't be coming to you right now if it wasn't for Lottie making them since my phone has broke so go show her some love as I'm really thankful!
Thanks for reading guys! Don't forget to like, comment and follow, love you!!

What's your staple makeup product?

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82 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag? W/ Jess | ATypicalLife

  1. Blushy Darling says:

    Love this post! I’m planning on doing a what’s in my make up bag as well. I love the maybelline brow pencils but my favourite it’s micro one! And OMG the new brow mascara is seriously the bomb! I’d love to buy Marta Moo but where I live they don’t sell Tanya’s stuff 😦
    Love, Mimi


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blushy Darling says:

    I’m not really a fan of her palettes’ packaging, but I want to check out her lip products, they look amazing! I know this may sound weird but how does the liquid lipstick smell like? I can’t stand some lipsticks scents XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tama says:

    This was really fun to read! I really want to try the highlighter too! I might grab some on my next makeup hunt hehe😝
    It was a pleasure reading your blog!
    Keep it up 💞😍💪

    Liked by 1 person

  4. polishedandinspired says:

    I’ve always wanted MAC Velvet Teddy as it looks awesome on other people, but the colour is never quite right on me!
    Too Faced Better Than Sex is awesome! I’ve been using the L’Oreal Lash Paradise, which is quite similar. You should give that a try if you want an alternative to the Too Faced.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. beardsandblush says:

    I love the mac prep and prime and I just so happen to do the same thing and get it as a sample! I’d love to try out the collection concealer as I’m always looking for fun dupes. Great post!x

    Liked by 1 person

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