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Hey guys! Christmas is not-so-officially over. Most of the Christmas food has been eaten, the games have been played and the Christmas decs are.. still up. We don’t take our decs down until New Years Eve but Christmas lives on for another week so I am very very happy about that. But now Boxing Day has gone, Christmas has basically finished for me. However, that means: What I got for Christmas! I haven’t done a full one of these before but these year I was well and truly spoiled and wanted to show you all what I received!

From my secret Santa:Amy

  • So because there are six of us in my friendship group at sixth form, we couldn’t afford to buy decent presents for all of us and we decided to do secret Santa. We did it last year but we could not keep it a secret. This year we managed to keep it a secret and my secret Santa was my best friend Amy! Amy’s gift was really thoughtful as she blended my two loved together: food and Harry Potter. It was this beautiful jar of ingredients for butter beer cookies with a hand made tag on it. Thank you so much Amy!

From my best friend

me and my best friend Lottie always exchange presents. This year we said we wouldn’t get loads but ended up doing more expensive presents. Oops. I’m very grateful for everything she got me.

  • Dairy milk chocolate stocking and chocolate coins – unfortunately I cannot show you these as I’ve eaten them all. However, I am a huge fan of Dairy Milk so she did a tremendous job there.
  • She also bought me some absolutely gorgeous Ted Baker earrings. I’ve got two sets of ear piercings and I had some that matched really well but I lost one of them in the summer but Lottie pulled through and got me some gorgeous gold heart ones from Ted baker. I’ve currently got these in my ears and will have to take them out for a photo but I love them very much.4418563-1-rosegold
  • My absolute favourite present from Lottie is something really hard to explain. In short it’s a scrapbook that has a space for every month of the year in 2019. Every single month Lottie will pay for us to do an activity that I will choose the date for. I won’t go through all of them but some are like a cinema trip, or a date to the Indian. January is a build a bear and Mcdonalds trip! Me and Lottie are a bit obsessed with Build A Bear but as we are not children- are very scared to go in. But we are facing our fears next week to go and buy one!

From my sister

So my sister is the absolute best at buying presents, she always goes very full out and I love receiving presents from her. Plus she has so much joy buying them so it’s very fun for both of us.

    Cherry Bakewell shower gel – I think a lot of people are telling me I smell this year if I’m honest! I’m yet to try it but it smells absolutely delicious!

      Dairy milk box- so my sister was very sneaky with this. She had to keep it in the fridge obviously but she told me it was for somebody else and i didn’t have a clue. I haven’t eaten any of this yet but there is so much in it! And as you already know I am a huge fan of dairy milk! This will definitely keep me going through January

        Photo clip string lights – I have a lot of Polaroid pictures that I really want to hang up, and just wanted some pegs and string. However, my sister went the extra mile and bought me some light up peg ones. I can’t wait to use these, I just need to ask my dad to hammer some nails or command hooks in my wall so I can put them up.

          Vinyl player- my absolute favourite gift from my sister. I have wanted one of these for a while but never really got round to it. It’s so retro and when I own my own house it’s definitely going to have a very 50’s vibe.

          record player

          From my parents:

          • Trivial Pursuit – I LOVE a good general knowledge game and we’ve played it as a family about a million times. They bought me the family edition so the questions aren’t too difficult because honestly, the hard ones are impossible!3907289_R_Z001A
          • Nintendo 2DS – So over September to December me and my best friend Lottie were reminiscing about our childhood and that we used to play nintendogs on our DS lites. So my mum listened and bought me a 2DS. It’s so weird not shutting it after I’ve used it but I love it a lot. It’s blue and black and has mario kart installed in it.2ds.jpg
          • HP pavilion laptop- So I’ve wanted a laptop for a while now but didn’t ask for one because they’re really expensive. My parents were really thoughtful though and paid an absolute bomb to get me a really good quality one that should last me through the rest of sixth form and uni when I go. I LOVE this. It’s very perfect for blogging and doing school work on, plus I can play the retro cool maths games on so it’s a win win situation!


          • Mama Mia here we go again vinyl! – So obviously if I got a vinyl player, I needed a vinyl. My mum very nicely got me a mama Mia one. I love the new film so it was an absolute perfect pick! I now need to find a place in my room where it will fit with a plug next to it!


          Others: my parents also got me lots of little bits like lush bath bombs and some very comfy pyjamas which I’ve LIVED in since Christmas! They also got me a stocking with a Victoria secret perfume, lots of face masks and bath stuff! This year my parents also did me and my sister an amazing Christmas Eve box with pjs, chocolate and fluffy socks!

          I’m extremely grateful for everything my parents got me and they really outdid themselves this year!

          Other extended family and friends

          Im not going to go through everything because id be here a while but from other family I got lots of smellies, chocolate and money which I’m all very very thankful for!!

          That’s basically everything I got for Christmas! I’m extremely thankful for everything and I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas and has an amazing new year! I’m hoping to really kickstart this blog again in the new year so look out for some changes!



          Q: What was your favourite present you received this year?


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          1. Kerry says:

            Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I especially like what your best friend is doing for you, that is such a sweet and fun idea! Build-a-Bear is amazing 😍 I have two kids so I have an excuse to go in, but don’t be afraid! You’ll have a blast!

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