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Oh hi! Didn’t see you there! I’m just listening to a cheeky bit of Shawn Mendes: the album, which leads me right into this post! I think we can all agree that summer brings the best music, so I thought I’d share my favourite summer tunes with you. DISCALIMER: no I’m not a Shawn Mendes crazy fan- he’s just got some proper tunes out at the minute


  1. Fallin’ all in you- Shawn Mendes: what a bloody tune. I love Ed Sheeran so it makes sense that this song is the best since the god wrote it. It gives me such vibes and I feel like I’m in love when I sing it or listen to it.
  2. You are the reason- Calum Scott and Leona Lewis: I am an absolute sucker for Leona Lewis and to match her voice with Calum Scott’s just makes sense. Their voices are so great together and thee harmonies just melt my little heart. I also lowkey adore this song because I can acoustically cover it without breaking my vocal chords
  3. Like to be you-Shawn Mendes and Julia Michaels: This song has me bobbing my head to the max. I knew as soon as I heard it that this was my favourite song from his new album. It’s full of emotion but it’s also quite light hearted. It’s not a full pop song but not an emotional slow song so it’s perfect if you’re feeling in the middle.
  4. Perfectly wrong-Shawn Mendes: BEAUTIFUL. This song is absolutely gorgeous. It shows Shawn’s softer voice off amazingly and.. I can’t think of anything else to say, it’s honestly just beautiful.
  5. Mutual-Shawn Mendes: Its the last Shawn Mendes song I promise!! This song gets me dancing around my room hairbrush as a microphone style. I’ve been waiting to hear this side of Shawn in his songs and I think that in this, nervous and lost in Japan, he’s really shown it. I’m going to see Shawn in concert next year with my best friend and the excitement is unreal
  6. Can I be him-James Arthur and Naked-James Arthur: I’ve put these together but just because I feel like they’re both very similar songs in the way that they pour emotion out of them from every single angle. James Arthur is the best for putting feelings into a song. His voice just screams pain and I adore him. Also his videos for both these songs are amazing, naked has me in tears. Who ever the director of these is- I love you
  7. 2002-Anne Marie:oh what a song. This song massively reminds me of my childhood. Not that I’ve been snogging boys as a child but the freeness of it reminds me of the carelessness I felt as a child. Me and my friend LOVE this song because it reminds us how we would hang out and be so weird together as kids. This is also such a summer song, you can’t go wrong sat in a pub garden with this.
  8. ANY GREATEST SHOWMAN SONG: I went to go see this is cinema with my best friend and oh my- what an amazing film. Every single song has got so much effort put into them, and all of them either make me cry, or get up and dance. I can’t fault any of the songs. My favourites are probably: From Now On, This is Me, The Other Side, Never Enough and Come Alive. I’m aware I’ve mentioned a lot there. I went to a singing workshop on the weekend to sing Greatest Showman songs and it was so interesting! Hopefully i can sing this is me without screeching now.
  9. Personal-The vamps and Maggie Lindeman:Okay I’m quite aware I’m late to the band wagon with this one as it’s quite an old song and I’ve never really been into the vamps but this song just gets to me. It’s constantly stuck in my head and it’s just so catchy! Maddie’s voice is also wonderful and the different pitches work amazing together
  10. Worst of you-Maisie Peters: This and Birthday are definitely top of my list at the minute! Hearing songs from a teenager my age is wonderful. Stressing how we feel is something you don’t hear often. She also has a wonderful soft voice and her songs are emotional- but very powerful. She’s an artist starting out so I’m sure it’d mean a lot if you went to check her out!
  11. Not about angels-Birdy:This song is painful, I don’t remember it in Fault in Our Stars but it came on my auto play on YouTube at the beginning of the month and I fell in love. Birdy has such a real voice, it speaks real words and is just crazily amazing. She has such a high soft voice with some powerful notes in it.
  12. Piece by piece-Kelly Clarkson: I think this is my favourite out of all of these. This song is emotional. I found it by watching an X-Factor audition. I cried on the audition and I cried when I watched Kelly Clarkson perform it on American Idol. You can tell that those events happened to her and the sadness but determination in Kelly’s voice is enough to fill anyone with hope – yet somehow it still breaks you. I can’t explain it unless you listen to it- the live version is the best. It’s beautiful.
  13. Then-Anne Marie: Anne Marie is just absolutely killing it at the moment, she is a queen. All of her songs scream women power and I love her. it’s an absolute summer bop and I can’t wait to jam to this on a hot day with all of my friends.
  14. I’ll be there-Jess Glynne: I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who thinks this song reminds them on the Walmart yodelling kid and I think that that’s why I find it so amusing if I’m honest. It’s such a feel good song and I know that it will come on the radio multiple times in the summer
  15. LITTLE MIX IN GENERAL: Me and my friends have tickets to go to the UK Summer hits tour so I needed to get myself back in the hype, their old music is actually my favourite I think but there isn’t one song that I don’t like. Their newer music is a lot more powerful which I love and I love that through the songs you can hear how all four girls have matured so much.

So they’re my favourite songs in June! There’s a lot of emotional ones in there but what can I say, June has been an incredibly emotional month.

What’s your favourite song this month?

ATypicalLife x

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