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Hey guys! So I’ve been pretty inactive recently,however I’m back as it’s my half term and I really want to share some things with you and talk to you about quite a tricky subject.Friends.Sounds weird? It is.I am lucky enough to have a really good group of friends but obviously there are a few people I probably have disputes with or disagree with and obviously I haven’t always had great friends! Though I feel the massive need to talk to you about this I don’t really know where to start so please leave questions down below about any issues/advice or general questions around the friends theme and I’ll be sure to answer them in a really ranty blog post.Thanks guys! Byeee x

ATypicalLife x

9 thoughts on “Friends-Q&A questions needed |ATypicalLife

  1. celtics345 says:

    Have you ever had a friend that you never argued with or never had a crossword with? This girl Ashley we eventually moved on from our friendship our lives were headed in different directions. She and I got along great. Never argued once. Julia my friend who was my Valentine and I get along great but she is a very colorful and expressive girl. She can get into arguments but never with me. That is the beauty of our friendship we can be very divided on some things but not for our love for each other.


  2. Alanna ♡ says:

    How do you avoid negative friends? How do you make new friends? Do you find it easy to talk to new people, or are you a very shy person? What advice would you give to someone who feels uncomftable in their friendship group but have no one else to go too?

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  3. Will says:

    Do you have many special best friends? By that I mean even if you had a massive argument and no matter how much you annoy each other, at the end of the day all of it doesn’t matter and you will be friends forever? Xx

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