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Hey guys! So a couple of days ago I asked for some questions about friendship because I wanted to do a q&a on it, I got quite a few questions so I thought I would write it up now as I’m listening to some James Bay and eating pizza express dough balls.

So the first question that was asked was by a blogger called Graceful (check out her blog it’s amazing,ill link it below)

Q:How did you meet? A:Okay so it’s quite weird because I met one of my best friends   when I was 6 at swimming lessons, we lost touch and became friends again in high school.One of my other best friends I’ve known since I was about 3 and grew up with her but didn’t come best friends with her again until high school, and the rest of them I met in high school. So to those that think friendship is about who you’ve known the longest, then you’re wrong. There are 7 of us, including me, in my best friend circle.

Q:What’s your favourite thing to do together? A:So,if it’s one of our birthdays then we really like going shopping or just spending he day out in town together.However,a lot of mybest friends live very busy lives,being professional dancers and swimming and that-legit being serious,we don’t get much timefor all of us to be together so honestly ijust love us all being together for lunch or just hanging out in general

Q:Have you ever had a friend that you’ve neverarguedwith? A:err,it dpends because out of my best friends,im pretty sure I’ve only argued with2 of them properlybut I’ve probably been annoyed at them and they’ve been mad at me and we’ve had a bit of a disagreement oversomething,in fact I know that’s happened bt I haven’t really had full onargument with mostof my friends.I know ill end up being friends withthem again so I don’t see the point in the drama.

Q:How do you avoid negative friends. A:Okay so this depends,if this inmy friend grup I will either take them down a notch-depends how close I am with them,or just stay out of their way and focus on my friends that I’m closest to,luckily ive got a few friends in my group so I can distance myself from somebody if I feel that they aren’t good fr me,though that rarely happens,maybe if theyre having a bad week.However if youre not close friends with that person then just abort mission,stay out of their way and just don’ deal wit them,unless they are going out of their way tobe negative toyo,then let them have it,sassy but classy guys,

Q:Do you have any funny stories that you’d like to revisit? A:The first thing that comesto mind when hearing this question is a time last summer when all of my friends came to my house after school and we all went round my town,it was an amazing day in general but the highlight was definitely when we got takeaway and my  friend Elle  started throwing chips for the seagulls and theyliterally swarmed us.Two of my friends ran away and we had to find them.We learnt a lot about each other that day too,i remember.

Q:How do you, personally make friends? A:because I’m still in school I have lots of quite vague friendships just because they are the people I see everyday, I just try to build on them more and speak to them more. However, if I’m meeting somebody for the firs time,for example, then I ill jus try to find common interests with them according to the situaon,so if I met somebody at a concert, I’d talk about that,that was a really hard question sorry for my crappy response.

Q:Do you find it easy to talk to people or are you quite shy? A:Umm,i’m not necessarily shy but I’m quite scared to speak to people face to face for the first time as I’m always worried I will say the wrong thing and they will end up hating me or something. Though when I’ve known somebody for a while I’m really confident and can really be myself around people. Except trusting-I have the biggest trust issues ever so if I trust you then you’re extremely special.

Q:What advice would you give to somebody who feels uncomfortable in their friendship group but has no one else to go to? A:Okay so this is definitely a situation I was in just over 2 years ago, I was friends with some, they weren’t mean they just weren’t my type, people and I couldn’t be myself, I felt uncomfortable and it was awkward as hell. It can be tricky as hell but my advice is to start making other friends briefly without sitting with them at lunch or whatever then when you feel close then switch, I know its awkward to just swap but chances are, if you felt awkward in that group then they shouldn’t be too bothered. If this advice is no good, I know it seems awful and rubbish advice for now but, you only have lunch and a break to see them anyway and once you leave school you don’t have to see them, so just hang in there.

Q:Do you have many special best friends? As in, no matter how much you argued you’d be best friends forever? A:Not really, I have 2,one of them used to be a blogger and isn’t anymore so can’t talk much about that but the other one is Lottie (check out her blog)  I know that if you’ve read my blog for a while then you knew that that was coming. I think people just think we’re regular best friends but honestly, she knows my deepest secrets, I’d actually be dead if she wasn’t here, we’ve been through shit nobody can even begin to imagine, and I know none of you literally care so I’ll shut up now šŸ˜‰

Okay so that’s all the questions I decided to answer today! A lot of them was very similar so I didn’t answer them all but I think i’ll do another one of these soon as I really enjoyed writing it! Also I’m going to be starting a school series soon as it’s mock season and exam season is creeping on us,as I’m doing 2 of my GCSE’s this year I’m quite excited to start the series! like the post if you enjoyed and check out graceful! Byee xx

ATypicalLife x

Graceful’s blog

My last post!




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