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Hey guys,so right now i’m in bed watching Tangled,at this point exactly I’m singing when will my life begin because it’s just a classic right? However,i didn’t come to share with you my Disney favourites-though that is now a post for the future.I came to share my beauty favourites over the last year.It is officially 2017! what? it’s gone so quick,i hope you all had the best Christmas,if you don’t celebrate it then I hope you’ve had a good few days off doing nothing.i know I did.When I was trying to actually think of things for this post,i was racking my brains for a while but now I think I’ve finally got some great things to share with you all

okay so my first thing isn’t actualy really beauty,yes I know the title says beauty favourites but i’ll just get the few that aren’t out of the way first.So the thing I’ve been loving a lot through the most of 2016 is the Avon-sleep serenity:pillow mist.it smells of lavender and since I’ve gotten it,i find that I sleep so much better and can’t sleep without it now.It’s not too strong so that it wakes you up and I find it is the perfect intensity to help you sleep.Obviously,because it’s avon too it isn’t too expensive.Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of this because I threw the bottle in the bin when I had finished but I’m sure you’ll find it!

I’ve  also been loving the Neutrogena visibly clear facial scrub.This honestly smells absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been obsessed with this for ages.It isn’t too harsh on the skin but really makes your skin feel fresh and gets rid of anything unwanted left on your face.This isn’t too expensive and I’m pretty sure you can buy it from boots and Superdrug though I bought it from Superdrug!

Something that I think everybody was obsessed with most of 2015 and 2016 was Maybelline lash sensational.Honestly I will never get over this mascara.It is so good and it’s only drugstore.The mascaras formula is amazing and it gives such amazing length,defenition and volume.I went through about 5 of these while I was using it.At the moment I am using the Too faced better than sex mascara but to be honest I still find myself reaching for this sometimes! It’s actually very similar and for a much cheaper price.I really recommend

So another thing I got into because of YouTube videos and other people’s blog posts was the collection lasting perfection concealer.I was yet to find a concealer that wasn’t glittery before this one but I saw everyone raving about it and as it was cheap I decided to buy it. This.Is.Amazing.I haven’t actually tried the urban decay naked concealer but I know a lot of people that say it’s exactly the same.The consistency is great,it doesn’t crease,it lasts me all day and there are such a range of shades.Im pretty sure this is around £4.50,I could be wrong but I don’t think I’m much off

I think a lot you were expecting this to come but my lip favourites of 2016 were definitely ‘Mehr’ and ‘Twig’ from Mac.They are both very similar shades except mehr is slightly pinker and matte whereas twig is a satin lipstick and has more of a brown undertone to it.These are my actual children you don’t understand,these go with me anywhere I go,they don’t really budge (unless you’re eating then twig fades a little) and they don’t dry out my lips either.They are relatively expensive but the amount of wear I get out of them i say is worth it and they last a long while

I couldn’t actually think of too many favourites for this year as I was really trying to nail it down to things you would adore so much.So my last beauty favourite of 2016 is the garnier miceller water.This takes off my makeup really well and doesn’t leave any part of it on.It doesn’t make my eyes sting and doesn’t need rinsing afterwards.You should always use a cleaner to take off your makeup and not wipes but quite frankly and surprisingly I haven’t used wipes in quite a while as I just love this water so much.Again I’m pretty sure this isn’t too expensive and you can probably get it in most local makeup and skincare stores but to definitely in Superdrug for super cheap.

Okay so even though that was my last beauty favourite I do have another favourite.You guys! I recently hit 300 followers and I just can’t get over it! Thankyou so so much,I never thought I’d even hit 50 and now I’ve hit 300 followers,it’s crazy.Honestly the amount of love and support I’ve gained for this blog,especially in the past few weeks is amazing and I love you all so much! Thankyou a lot and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to this blog.For all of your love and support I am planning on doing a giveaway soon which I will be announcing here and on my Instagram so look out for that and let me know down below what you would like in it! Byee!

ATypicalLife x

45 thoughts on “2016 beauty favourites|ATypicalLife

    • typicalteenager76 says:

      Awh that’s annoying,I don’t wear eyelash extensions so I guess I don’t have that problem,atleast you know it gets everything off your face ahah x


  1. Victoria says:

    LOVE the lash sensation mascara. Really works on my pale eyelashes! I’ve just discovered micellar water, I’m terrible and have used wipes in the evening for years, but as I’m getting on in years I think it’s time for me to develop a proper cleansing routine. Not sure any of it will ever replace my beloved Dove soap though. Lovely blog, I’ll definitely be following you in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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