My summer bucket list | ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So it’s nearly around a month into summer but quite honestly I won’t accept it’s summer until I am on my summer holiday which is in a few days. However, if you know me then you know I don’t like to waste my holiday, so I set myself some things I want to do before the summer ends.

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5 tips for happiness | ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So I’m not normally this inspirational but I’ve been thinking how recently I’ve been feeling little bits of happiness every now and then and how my overall wellbeing has been pretty positive recently so I wanted to share what I’ve been doing differently, they’re not going to change your mood drastically so please don’t think that these will, they just help to uplift my mood, and I hope they will for you too.

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Friends-Q&A questions needed |ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So I’ve been pretty inactive recently,however I’m back as it’s my half term and I really want to share some things with you and talk to you about quite a tricky subject.Friends.Sounds weird? It is.I am lucky enough to have a really good group of friends but obviously there are a few people I probably have disputes with or disagree with and obviously I haven’t always had great friends! Though I feel the massive need to talk to you about this I don’t really know where to start so please leave questions down below about any issues/advice or general questions around the friends theme and I’ll be sure to answer them in a really ranty blog post.Thanks guys! Byeee x

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2016 beauty favourites|ATypicalLife

Hey guys,so right now i’m in bed watching Tangled,at this point exactly I’m singing when will my life begin because it’s just a classic right? However,i didn’t come to share with you my Disney favourites-though that is now a post for the future.I came to share my beauty favourites over the last year.It is officially 2017! what? it’s gone so quick,i hope you all had the best Christmas,if you don’t celebrate it then I hope you’ve had a good few days off doing nothing.i know I did.When I was trying to actually think of things for this post,i was racking my brains for a while but now I think I’ve finally got some great things to share with you all

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2017 resolutions + How I found the year |ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So I’ve come to the realisation that on pretty much all of my blog posts I let you know what I’m doing while writing this,so I thought I’d let you know now.At this precise moment I’m sat at my new dressing table/desk (if you want a dressing table tour thingymajig then let me know) because since I bought it myself I feel like a mature lil bean.However,it’s not all good because I’m ill and I only got 5 hours of sleep last night,so whoo

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What I got for Christmas (friends) |ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So this is the last post of 5 days of a typical Christmas. Before I got into this post I just wanted to talk to you a little bit. In November, and early December, I was falling out of love with blogging, I thought it was a chore, it was a burden to write posts for you guys and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy doing it, but I did it because I felt I had too.However,i started seeing some Christmassy posts and decided to write a couple for you, and honestly, I’ve fallen back in love with writing and blogging,i never want to stop doing it, this is what I want to do. Before, for me, I counted on numbers a lot and of course it’s really great to have a lot of followers but it isn’t an essential and while writing these posts for you, I haven’t checked my stats once and it’s made me extremely happy, so thank you for all the support I get, even if there isn’t loads of you, I love you all very much and hope you have the best Christmas ever. However, I didn’t want to leave you on that note for Christmas and thought I’d give you a full post to read. So I thought, what’s better than a post that should be after Christmas but is before? plus I stole the idea from BeautyBlogger: What I got for Christmas-friend edition

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Reindeer Cookies Recipe| ATypicalLife

Hey guys! So I’m back for you today with a Christmas recipe! So I love baking and Christmas so putting them together is just my idea of heaven.I find baking so relaxing and just having something so creative and especially edible at the end of it just makes it all the more special.However,at Christmas it’s very hectic and I don’t have time to do loads of baking but I still want to make something.So when I was reading Tanya Burr’s “Tanya Bakes” and I saw this recipe I knew I had to share it with you,it’s so easy and quick :Reindeer Cookies.This takes about 30 minutes (if that) to prepare and 10 minutes to bake.However you can get already prepared biscuits and just skip to the decorating stage if you’re in a real rush

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