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Hey guys! Oh my if only you all knew how much I’ve missed you. School has been so stressful and I haven’t had time to blog at all! However I did get a few good days within all these boring ones, I went to hull fair!

So if you live in Yorkshire you know what hull fair is. Every year us yorkshires look forward to it. The luscious hotdogs, the crunchy brandy snap, the sickly but amazing fruit cables, and then seeing it all up again after we’ve been on the waltzers about 9 times.

But there is really something great about hull fair. Everyone comes together for a week in October every year and just has fun together, it’s as simple as that, and the cheap yet cheerful stands and games will always put a smile on your face.

I definitely went to fair way too many times this year at a total of 3 times which was not too great for my bank account but I do not regret it at all. I experienced way more rides than I do usually and even went on some stalls which I usually just leave out. Going on way more rides this year gave me such a nice experience and therefore memories with the best people and I even won a pug on hook a duck!!

A total of 4 arrests were made at hull fair this year which is absolutely amazing compared to previous years and I couldn’t be prouder of our little city (I mean 0 would be better but you can’t have it all). So personally I thought the police deserved a nice break at the end of their shift. However The Sun didn’t see it that way after posting front page news of the police officers going on the bumper cars. It’s 3 minutes, calm down media, we were safe and we were happy.

So the rides in particular include things from the big wheel where you can see an absolutely breathtaking cure of the fair and take photos or have an absolutely sensational experience with your friends a loved one, to the bunjee jump were you are propelled over 100 feet into the air on two bouncy strings and feel as if you’ll die. Or you can go on the waltzers and spin till your hearts content.

And before you leave, you have to try one of the slushes from the lovely old man. Mango or blue raspberry or even coke? You choose. And don’t forget to have a burger covered in caramelised onions, melting cheese and bright red tomato sauce before you go.

So if you didn’t make to Hull Fair 2017 make sure you take a trip in 2018! Suitable for your family, young kids or your best friends!

I’m back now guys and I hope to be regularly posting again, I’m hoping to have a post up next week about a lovely company that shipped me some of their cosmetic samples for free so look forward to that!

Thanks for reading guys!! Please like, comment and follow if you enjoyed and ill see you next week!

Have you been to a fair/festival?


ATypicalLife x

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