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Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t been able to post in two weeks, I have been very busy, some with blogging stuff, and some just with life stuff! However I went shopping yesterday with the one and only BeautyBlogger and thought I’d show you what I bought! I didn’t buy too many things but I love hauls so I hope you do too!

Firstly I went to Waterstones because I got a book voucher for my birthday and I picked up ‘Soulmates’ by Holly Bourne as she is my absolute favourite author and this one has got over 500 pages so I know I’m getting my money’s worth.  It is a romance novel but with a twist which I’m extremely happy about because I can’t be dealing with too much soppiness. Bourne includes so much femenism and female stability in her novels that I just can’t put them down, and as most of her books are first person teenager, I can really relate to them so I was glad I got this. This was £7.99 which would normally be quite pricey but it is a really big book and as I said before, I got it for free as I had a voucher.

Okay so the next place we went is Primark, no I lie, the next place we went is McDonalds but I assume you don’t want to know about that. We spent about an hour and half in primark, and I only came out with 4 things. The first thing I picked up was this yellow tee. I needed a yellow top for sports day and this was quite simple so I could do sports in it but still quite fashionable. I got this at a massive bargain of £2 which was amazing. The only downside is the sizes. I’m normally a size 10-12 in tops and an 8-10 in trousers but this top was a size 6 and it fit me really comfortably. So if you’re quite small anyway you might have trouble getting one of these to fit you

The next thing I picked up was a bra, I aren’t going to show you a photo of this because that’s just a little awkward but basically it’s just black with a tad of lace and gold on it. Literally primark are pretty great at bras. This is really comfy and it looks great-not that I’d be showing it to anybody. It’s really supportive too and guess how much it was -£6, whooooh! So go to primark and pick yourself up some bras

I also picked up some pants. Black with a bit of lace on to match the bra. I got 3 of these in a pack for £3, seriously primark you are doing great right now. I don’t really know how to explain these but yeah, they’re comfy, they’re cheap, they’re great. My English speech is rubbing off in my general language, wow.

The last and quite honestly the least thing I picked up in Primark was some white ankle socks. I keep having to half my normal socks so I finally bit the bullet and bought some ankle socks, they do seem to be a little big as the heel bit is up my ankle, because size 4-8 is a little vague, however I just fold the top over and they’re fine. Also, they were only £1.80 so I can’t really complain

The next place I bought something from was lush. Though sadly this wasn’t for me since I was buying it for a friend. However I did have quite a good time choosing one for them so I picked out the Happy Daze set which was £16.95 and includes 4 bath bombs, 4 of my absolute faves: the comforter, Mr Brightside, The experimenter, and one of my all time favourites, the fizzbanger. The staff in lush are so lovely but sometimes can come across very strong but they are very nice helping you choose what to get so don’t ever be too scared to go in there if you don’t know the shop too well!

Okay so I’m pretty sure the last place I bought something from was H&M. I’m pretty sure they’ve changed their logo to HnM but oh well. So normally H&M are an absolute godsend for me but this time was a little disappointing, I went in looking for some jeans and they were really nice but the sizes were not great. I think it’s just because I’m a strange shaped person but the size 8 fit on the legs but not the waist whereas the size 10 fit on the waist but was way too long on the legs, what you get for being short I suppose! However, the t-shirts never disappoint me in H&M. I picked out this absolutely stunning black and white cropped tee with an embroided heart in the top left corner, hearts are becoming a regular thing in my clothing recently. This is really soft and cost £9 which is absolutely an amazing price for more high quality stores such as H&M and top shop since if you bought this in top shop, it would have been about £25. Again, the sizes were quite dodgy as I had to buy a large and as earlier in that day I bought a top with a size 6, I’m not sure it’s quite right but either way, it’s a really nice top.

Okay so that’s everything I bought! When I’m writing it out if feels as if I bought way more than I actually thought I did but oops, I hope you really enjoyed this post and hopefully I’ll see you again soon, bye!!

ATypicalLife x

What’s your favourite high street store?

27 thoughts on “A small haul! | ATypicalLife

  1. wartsandallonline says:

    I’m not going to lie that black stripey top is now on my list of things to buy!

    To be honest i’ve really been loving Primark recently, especially their homeware section. Taking flatlays and blog pics is so hard if you don’t have good props and they do the cutest little bits and pieces that are really inexpensive i love it.

    Great haul lovely, looking forward to the next one! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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