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Hey guys! So I’ve come to the realisation that on pretty much all of my blog posts I let you know what I’m doing while writing this,so I thought I’d let you know now.At this precise moment I’m sat at my new dressing table/desk (if you want a dressing table tour thingymajig then let me know) because since I bought it myself I feel like a mature lil bean.However,it’s not all good because I’m ill and I only got 5 hours of sleep last night,so whoo

I’ve decided to have a little bit of a laid back post for you today.Firstly,I hope you had the best Christmas.Mine was great and I got so many lovely things,if you didn’t then I’m sorry and I really hope 2017 brings better things for you,which is what I wanted to talk to you about today.2016 has been a very weird year.So many awful things have happened for example:brexit,the presidential race,the Berlin attack,there are way more but these are what came to my mind,and personally I can’t wait to see 2016 die.It took so many lovely people,more than ever and I know it’s going to happen sometime,it just seemed to have a larger effect and a larger quantity taken than ever this year.

I’m definitely not a pessimist,but not really a optimist either,I’m more of a realist.Like for me,no doubt about it,2016 was a shit year but there’s definitely been some highlights too.My grandads cancer got took out.But then again,it came back before it got took out so there’s always a negative,got it? What I’m trying to say is,no matter how many positive things happen,there’s always a negative.

I don’t know how you took the news about Donald Trump becoming the presidential elect of the United States but I took it awful,I was in denial for days and I started crying when I heard,I couldn’t believe it.But now it’s sunk in I’ve realised,it’s not as bad as people make out,it’s not good and personally I’d have absolutely no feelings for if the man tragically died but there were so many rumours about him starting WW3.it’s not true.

To sum up,I definitely found 2016 awful,but it just makes me more optimistic and excited for what 2017 has to bring,it can’t be worse right? I mean we’ve hit rock bottom,Which brings me on to my next point,my resolutions,obviously I’ve got the whole “be happy” thing going and I’m going to do loads of sentimental things to make my life better but I thought I’d share with you the actual changes I’m going to make because I find these types of videos and blog posts quite interesting

1)Drink more water and eat healthily-Okay so at the beginning of the year,one of my resolutions was to lose weight and get a body I’m happy with.However,I took this resolution a little too seriously which I won’t get into but I’m not going to do that resolution again.That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be healthy and confident though.Dont get me wrong,I aren’t saying I’m going to just eat vegetables or something but eating a little more healthy will make a big difference.As for water,I don’t want to sound like your mum but being hydrated makes such a difference in your concentration,energy and just wellbeing in general,even though I know this,I always forget to drink a lot of water so this is a main goal for 2017

2)Hit 400 followers on my blog-Okay I’m aware this is crazy,it’s like double what I have now but this blog has grown so much in the last year,it’d just be great if we could make our family a little bit bigger so that more people can share our little safe space on the internet

3)Stop biting my nails!-I did this one last year and I actually stopped for a while but when I get nervous I bite them so I aren’t too sure how this one will work this year but we can always try right!

4)Become way more organised-Okay so I aren’t completely unorganised-I just aren’t great.I really want one of those planners that you use to have to do lists on and have a daily plan of the day,I’d just find myself way less stressed out when it comes to what I need to do and way more ready for the day,also I wouldn’t find myself searching ages for work,like I will be for my science homework after I’ve finished writing this post

5)Go out of my comfort zone-Okay so I’m aware this is a little more sentimental but honestly,I’m such a safe person.Because of my anxiety I say no to a lot of things I definitely should try.So my main goal for this year is to say yes to atleast 5 things that I normally would back straight out of.I know I have some amazing friends to help me do this,well I have Lottie who will more subtly help me go out of my comfort zone and Amy who would literally push me into the river Thames if it meant I was out of my comfort zone to help,so personally I think they’re a great pair.

So they’re my main resolutions! I have got a couple more but they’re only little and I didn’t want to bore you.Before I go though I just wanted to let you know that Beautyblogger (lottie) is so close to hitting 100 followers on here and it would mean so much to her,and me,if you could go and follow her and help her 100 followers,I’m pretty sure she’s doing a giveaway when she hits it too so please go check her out! Also check out Idiosyncratic (Amy) while you’re there too please because she’s also got a really amazing blog and I think you’ll love her. Thankyou!

What are your top 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2017?

ATypicalLife x

27 thoughts on “2017 resolutions + How I found the year |ATypicalLife

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    2016 was one of hell of a year. Like yup. But it’s nice to see someone not be completely negative about it πŸ™‚ I haven’t planned my resolutions yet, whoops, I should probably go and do that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hannahagutter says:

    2016 was a tough year! You’ve got a nice set of resolutions there. πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed your post. πŸ™‚ They all seem realistic, I tend to get a bit too ambitious with mine.
    My top three are:
    1: Be more self-confident
    2: Build my blog. I’ve just hit 300 followers
    3: Start a YouTube Channel

    I’ve got the full list of resolutions over on my blog: http://www.paintmeasmile.co.uk

    – Hannah x

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  3. Love Angela says:

    2016 was such a strange year! Here’s hoping 2017 is going to be better ! πŸ™‚ Ps. My main resolution for 2017 is exactly the same as #5! Good luck with it all gorgeous xx πŸ’“

    Liked by 1 person

  4. typicallyizzy says:

    2016 was an awful year! I hope 2017 brings more happiness into your life. One of my big resolutions is to drink more water.
    I am a new blogger and I would love it if you could check out my blog and even give it a follow (I am following back too) Izzy Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. beautyholics101 says:

    This was really fun to read! Honestly I bet you can hit 400 followers easily girl. Keep on doing what you’re doing and showing your personality in your posts, the first 100 to 200 follows is the hardest stage, it’ll get much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. emilylaurenhills says:

    Good luck with all your resolutions!! My top 3 are; studying hard to get good results in my exams, be dedicated to my blog and make it grow (I only started two days ago), and to make new friends and explore with them! I loved this post, happy new year! Xxx

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