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Hey guys! So I’ve managed to keep this 5 days of a Typical Christmas up so far (hold for applause) and I thought today,as I was about to wrap my presents,I’d let you know what quick presents you can buy if you’re in a bit of a hurry and need something quick for your friends or family but don’t have the budget to spend too much and are easily accessible.Also before I get into this post,this is a collab with BeautyBlogger . I have selected 5 things I want to share with you and she has also selected 5,please go check it out after this post and let her know I sent you.I’ll leave a link at the bottom to her post for you.

1.Candles-You really cannot go wrong with a candle no matter what gender the person you are buying for is,they are always a good idea.You can go a little bit more expensive if you have the budget and get a Yankee candle,there are many various sizes,prices and scents or if your budget is slightly lower than this then Matalan does some amazing scented candles for Christmas with reasonable prices and sizes.For example:They have an amazing salted caramel one in there for £2 that according to Lottie,smells lush.

2.Vouchers-If you aren’t as close to the person you are buying a gift for,then vouchers are great.You can be quite vague and buy one that has multiple stores on or if you know them a little more then you can be a little bit more personal and buy a voucher for a specific shop or iTunes for example.Again you can tailor this to your price range and get one for about £10 or you can be a little bit more generous and go over

3.Photo frames-This is more of a personal gift idea for someone you’re close too.Especially if your like me and you have friends that have a lot of makeup and buy things that they want themselves.You can be quite vague and quick with this and just get a frame and print off some photos (Hobbycraft and paper chase do some great frames and LALALAB are a great website to print off some photos) or you can make it really personalised and DIY your own frame and include polaroids and decorate it yourself.However,I aren’t that artsy so if you do manage to make something like that please share the photos with me!

4.Adult colouring book and pens/pencils-Honestly I love these and I know so many people that do.However they can be hit and miss so make sure you know the person you are buying for before purchasing.These can be really inexpensive or you can make them luxury and pay a little more but it’s not needed.Adding the pens just make them a little more special and add a little more effort.You can make these really personal by buying certain ones that are tailored to an interest.Such as Harry Potter ones or Christmas,which fits into the theme.

5.Finally,I think a plant is a really good idea.It does sound slightly odd I’m aware.However,a plant is something that many people don’t buy for themselves and always forget but it really can brighten up a room and just make a room look so much more fresh.A succulent is a really good idea as well if the person hasn’t exactly got a green thumb.These are really cheap from your nearest garden centre or you can plant them yourself or get them one to grow themselves,these are all quite cheap options

So that’s all of my cheap gift ideas! I hope these help if you’re still indecisive of what to buy some people and let me know if you try some of the more customisable ones.Make sure to check out BeautyBlogger’s post for 5 more inspirations and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post! Bye!

ATypicalLife x

BeautyBlogger’s post

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