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Hey guys! Welcome to 5 days of a Typical Christmas.If you hadn’t guessed,5 days of a typical Christmas is were i’m going to post every day leading up to Christmas starting 5 days before and these posts are just filled with pure Christmas goodness.What better to start it with than a Christmas eve routine though right?

So on Christmas eve I usually have a very hectic evening,my day just consists of the last of the Christmas food shopping and any presents I have left to wrap. However (insert fast paced,tense music here) when it hits about 4’o clock the events are rolling around. Me and my sister meet our friends which we’ve known since my sister was 2 and I was born,now is about the time when we just open each others presents and catch up as we don’t see them a lot before Christmas especially as one of them is at their first year of uni now (studying law at Lincoln if you were curious) We also go back to their house after this and their mum makes us the actual world’s best hot chocolate so..we can’t ever cut this part out of my Christmas evening routine

At about 6’o clock me and my sister make our way back to my house ready to go to my nan’s house, we don’t see her much as she can’t walk and me and my sister are incredibly busy recently so Christmas eve is the perfect time to make a visit.Everyone has that one bit around Christmas when they eat so much food they actually think they might die and not be able to fit into a regular sized coffin right? This is my time.My nan is a very stereotypical nan,just because she can’t walk and get me the food herself it doesn’t stop her ahah,and I mean why would I say no?

At about 8’o clock, we head home and I always have a lush bath on Christmas eve, this year I’ve only bought myself a couple of lush Christmas bath bombs because I  just know, from last years experience I’m going to get about 500 for Christmas. My favourite lush Christmas items are: Golden wonder, the magic of Christmas and obviously Snow Fairy, a classic.I usually stay in the bath for about an hour and just watch some youtube and catch up on my social medias.I’m especially loving Zoe,Dan and Phil,Mark Ferris,Jasmine Clough and Fabulous Hannah at this festive period.If you wanted a social media to newly get into I also really recommend pinterest while its all extremely cute and seasonal right now!

After I get out the bath I get into my Christmas pyjamas (I am sporting Elf pj’s from Tesco this year,as is surfie17 ) We usually all watch a comedian or something at this time because we are all too tired to watch a full Christmas movie and on Christmas eve all of my family are in a chatty mood so watching a Christmas movie is not the best plan.Michael McIntyre is a massive favourite in my family.Once this is finished (roughly around 10:30pm-11) I say goodnight to my parents  and go sort out my skin.

I aren’t going to give you a full routine of my skin because i’m planning on doing a full skincare routine but I use a micellar water to remove my makeup,i then exfoliate,tone and moisturise.My skin isn’t great but it’s okay so whatever I’m doing must be half right atleast.After I’ve brushed my teeth I spray some pillow mist on my bed and go to sleep,this is usually gone past 12pm so yes I have done the excitement of telling everyone it’s Christmas because i’m still 9 leave me alone.

Okay so that’s my Christmas evening routine! I hope you enjoyed it and please leave a like if you’re excited for a post everyday up to Christmas! also let me know in the comments what you do differently or what my family do extremely weird because i’m sure there are quite a few things.Bye guys! (HoHoHo)

ATypicalLife x

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