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Hey guys! So when I’m writing this it’s a Friday,and oh my I’m so glad it is,I’ve done so much recently,I mean not compared to most people but for me it is.Also before I get into this post as you know I did the music tag with Surfie17 for my last post and as it sort of fitted in with this post I thought I’d just let you know that I’ve just gotten into an artist called Frank Hamilton and you should all go check him out! However this post was actually about my Autumn essentials and not my tired Friday night music essentials so I’m going to stop boring you with this intro and actually get into the post!

So as most of you will probably know,Autumn is my favourite month and I just get so happy and excited when I finally can wear jumpers,drink hot chocolate and step on crunchy leaves,ah just thinking about it warms my heart like a log on a fire,got to get those similies in guys! Though even though I love this month there’s a change in weather and lifestyle,so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Autumn things with you just to make this magical season just a tad more amazing!
Okay so my first Autumn love is fairy lights! I mean who doesn’t love fairy lights every season but they’re a little bit more special in the Autumn aren’t they? And the winter.i just love how they can change the atmosphere of any room and just make you feel cosy and safe no matter where you are.If there are fairy lights,I automatically feel calm and can warm to any situation.You really don’t have to spend a lot on these either,you can get loads of different sorts of fairy lights from little shops.If you have a poundstretcher around you anywhere I really recommend there but there are many little shops and markets that sell them for reasonable prices!
What is Autumn without a lil bit of chocolate eh? I might start a debate in the comments here but I can’t go any of the cold seasons without a tub of heroes in the fridge ready to crack open when they are needed! Also you know it’s nearly Christmas when heroes come out so you can officially get excited okay? I can’t exactly write a cute paragraph about chocolates can I but leave me a comment on what your favourite chocolates are and start a friendly debate in the comments! I really want to know.
When it gets to Autumn I think everybody has a staple lipstick or makeup item right? Well mine is MAC-Twig.It is the absolute perfect autumnal shade and is so seasonal.You know those girls you see wearing the perfect autumn makeup and outfit and you’re so jealous? This will complete your look and make you one of these girls,I promise.i mean don’t sue me if you don’t feel it but just trust me please! Twig is also quite hydrating because it is a satin lipstick instead of a matte one so don’t worry about your lips getting dry in the cold weather either.If you don’t have the budget for a Mac lipstick,Rimmel ‘Kate Moss’ have some excellent dupes.
We all have that one friend that watches Christmas films since like June don’t we.You’re thinking of someone now I’m sure of it.Well that friend is me which justifies why Elf is in my Autumn essentials! So I think I watch elf atleast once a month,sometimes twice if i feel Christmassy,along with other Christmas themed films.However when Autumn comes around I would say I watch it once a week.I feel it is more acceptable then.I mean it’s not acceptable but it’s better than June right? Please be with me I’m not crazy.I don’t know why I love elf so much I just do,Buddy reminds me of myself at Christmas and he’s just so sweet and nice at Christmas who couldn’t like him? If you haven’t watched Elf I reccommend that you watch it,you won’t regret it.
Okay so who can go through Autumn without a Starbucks? Especially when all the seasonal drinks come out! I mean it’s hard for me because I don’t like coffee but there’s always a few selections for me! Though even though there are special autumnal drinks I usually just get a hot chocolate because you really can’t beat a hot chocolate in my opinion. Plus i only really love Starbucks in the autumn and winter because of the special cups
My last autumnal essential is Yankee Candles. This one says a lot about me.Firstly because I mean I just love candles and secondly, my favourite candle at the moment is the Christmas cookie. It’s food, that’ why it say a lot about me.It smells so nice,just like vanilla and cookie and reminds me of Christmas when I was younger.I absolutely love when it comes to autumn and winter and I can use this again so I really recommend you buying this. I can’t really say much more about a candle but you get the jist of it.It’s amazing.
Okay so that’s my autumn essentials done! This post was meant to go up last night but I was quite busy so it’s up now! Sorry! Let me know what you can’t go through autumn without in the comments,im always intrigued! before I go,we all know chritma I coming up which means I need Christmassy blog post ideas so let me know your favourite Christmas blog post ideas in the comments too.Bye!
ATypicalTeenagersLife x

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