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Hey guys! So I haven’t posted in a while. However,I am back and I’m here with a collab! Before I get into that though I want to talk to you about some latest news, I mean I’ve bigged it up now haven’t I? Well my friend Amy has created a blog and seriously I can’t stress how good it is you need to check it out. However I’m sure you don’t want me to just advertise my friends blog for the whole post so I’ll leave a link at the end of the post if you decide to check it out! Also this post was meant to go up yesterday but I was without internet and I didn’t have a post fully prepared so it’s had to go up today, sorry! Okay without any further redue I’m going to get right into the questions

1)Who is your favourite band/artist?

Okay so I haven’t actually really thought about these questions so just be prepared for a lil bit of nonsense and bear with me. I love loads of artists and I don’t think I have a particular favourite artist but I really like top (twenty one pilots),Ed Sheeran,Ariana Grande, James Bay and obviously all the Disney classics.Let me know your favourite artist below and recommend me a song because I’m always open to listening to new music!

2)Who is your favourite band/artist that you always go back to?

Okay this one is a bit easier but I have got two. My first one is daughtry.I think I mentioned these in my last music tag post but it’s true, sometimes I won’t listen to these for absolutely ages and then BAM I listen to them for 5 hours straight. It’s the same with Ed Sheeran though and I have absolutely no shame.

3) What are your top 5 songs of all time?
Okay these aren’t in order but I’m gonna go with: Holding on to you-Twenty one pilots, Alarm-Anne Marie, Naïve-The Kooks, Side to side-Ariana Grande, Girls talk boys-5sos.I don’t even need to explain just listen to every single one.

4)What is the most embarrassing song on your music collection?

Well this hasn’t changed since last time I did this tag. If you were here a long long time ago then you’ll know this already but since there were only about 5 of you I feel like I better tell you all again. It is the minion ring tone,it used to be my ring tone on my old old phone and I keep it on each phone because you know,mems

5)What are the 6 most played songs in your music collection

Okay so I can’t actually answer this question because I listen to my music on Spotify premium and not from ITunes so I can’t tell but it’s probably the same songs from my top 5 favourite songs ever

6)What is your favourite album?
Okay so I don’t really listen to albums in particular but if I had to pick I would probably go with vessel from tøp because I love every single song on there and I can’t fault any

7)What is your favourite album art?

I mean I don’t exactly have a favourite album art because to be honest who just has a album art that they are already obsessed with before someone asks the question? However Selena Gomez’s stars dance is pretty decent,just because she’s sexy af isn’t she.

8)What is the first concert you’ve ever attended?

Obviously this hasn’t changed since last time either but it was JLS,with Alexis Jordan and Olly Murs

9)What is your favourite song lyric?

“I’m open a moment and close when you show it,Before you know it, I’m lost at sea” This is from tøp’s Holding on to you,it’s just very relatable for me,for most people to be honest but yeah,I really like this song and if you’re into like techno? Is that the right word ? Probably not but just listen to them and then let me know a song you like from them because I love them and I want to know all of your opinions

10)Can you play an instrument?

Well I play the keyboard moderately well and I know the chords on a guitar if that counts? I do want to get into playing the ukelele but I need help from my friend Amy first.

11)Do you have a song with anyone?

I probably have loads with people but I can’t really think right now but I know I have many with Ali (Surfie17)

12)Has your music taste changed over time?
Well yes and no,I used to be into like Taylor Swift and ABBA and no I’m into tøp and and say Melanie Martinez.However,if we’re close then you’re probably likely to catch me jamming out to an Dancing Queen.
Okay I think that’s it guys! I did miss out a couple of questions but that’s because I didn’t have an answer to it,please check out Surfie17’s  blog post and Idiosyncratica’s new blog! Also Marcus Butler has just uploaded a really cliffhanger video,or the name is anyway so I’m about to go get some popcorn and watch that,bye!!!

ATypicalTeenager’sLife x


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