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Hey guys! So another month has come and gone and that only means one thing.August favourites. I have quite a lot of things I want to share with you so grab a snack and a nice cup of hot chocolate,you know,its September now! autumn is this month,get your hot chocolate out! but seriously guys I have already decided this is going to be a loooong post so make sure you have a lot of time.I’m going to separate this in to categories,thats how long it is ๐Ÿ˜‰ .


  • Maybelline brow satin- Okay so I bought this nearly two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with it.Like its that good it replaced the eyebrow pencil I have been using ever since I got into makeup.It has a pencil end that I use to outline my brows and lightly shade in then it has a powder end that I use to fully fill them in.The pencil glides on so well and it doesn’t need sharpening as its a twistable end.It seems to last all day and my eyebrows look the same after my day as they did when I first put it on.I got recommended this by absolutely loads of my friends and I really can’t fault it so you should really pick it up! It was also only ยฃ
  • Makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes-Okay so my friend Amy has always been obsessed with the brand makeup revolution and it has rubbed off on me so so much.I haven’t really tried anything except the eye shadows but they are such good quality for the price they are! They are so pigmented and they have some beautiful shades in all the palettes,my favourite palette is the iconic 3 palette.I bought it for my friends birthday and I had to pick it up and I still love it so so much.Its my definite go to palette and I can even say I like it more than my naked basics 2palette.The pigment is great in both palettes I just prefer the colours in the makeup revolution palette.
  • Mac lipstick in the shade Twig-Okay so can we just take a moment to appreciate this.This is the nicest shade ever.Its the most autumnal colour and it can really make a look go from just a casual day out to a meal out on the glides on the lips so well and it easy to apply,it lasts ages and the only thing I can really fault about this is the price.However,I can get over that because of the quality.
  • Tanya Burr lipgloss in Lunch Date-So I’ve known about these for a while but ive never picked one up because there wasn’t really any hype about them and I didn’t need them,I knew that they were nice i had just never got round to buying any.Fortunately though I got a couple of them for my birthday in July and started using them properly at the end of the month.Seriously,I dont know why there isnt any more hype about these.The applicator is so practical making the lipgloss being able to apply really easily.The consistency of the gloss isnt sticky but isn’t too drying therefore still making it a lipgloss.Ive become so obsessed with Tanyas range I’ve been trying to find her liquid lipsticks everywhere but I’ve only ever found one where I live and it wasn’t any of the shades I wanted so it looks like I’ll be doing some ordering!

Hair and Body care

  • Herbal Essences honey hair mask-Honestly I haven’t used that many hair masks over the time but I really don’t think I need to.I love this so so much.I just put this in my hair once a week after I’ve washed out my conditioner and leave it for about 5-10 minutes then rinse it with cool water.It moisturises my hair so well and just makes it so sleek and shiny.Also,massivs bonus,it smells amazing.I literally can’t stop smelling my hair after I’ve done it.I really liked this just before Christmas but when I had used it all I never got round to buying it but I bought some at the beginning of August because it is well priced.Again,another bonus:the price is amazing for the quality and quantity.
  • Lush Butterball-So as most of you will know i’m a massive lushie and I’ve been a lush fan for nearly two years now.I think I’ve tried atleast one of everything and I love everything there.Something I’ve been loving massively over the last month though is the butterball bath ballistic! I think it’s quite a strange thing to love so much when you first mention is because it’s so simple.No amazing colours or overpowering smells.Just white with quite a fresh creamy scent.The reason I am in love with this so much is because it has little chunks of shea butter in it which melt in the bath once you put it in.It makes your bath smell like a spa and oh my it makes your skin so soft I just end up feeling myself in the bath,yes im aware that sounds increasingly strange.Seriously though if you’re not into the bright colours or extravagant scents because im aware that they can be quite overpowering then please pick this up,you won’t regret it,or if you do you can blame me but I know you won’t so it doesn’t matter ahah.
  • Sanex extra sensitive skin shower gel-So if you are like me and have really sensitive skin on your body and literally can’t seem to find any shower gel that doesnt make you come out in a rash unless its lush (but who can afford that all the time right) then I think you’ll really like this.It is extra sensitive with no colour of artificial scents and it just really does my skin some luxury.It smells faintly of vanilla to me.Am I right? No apparently but basically it’s hypo-allergenic which means it restores skins natural PH so you won’t come out in any rashes or be over concentrated with different scents and ingredients in the shower gel.But if you don’t really come out in rashes or have sensitive skin then you don’t need to bother buying this but if you do then you should definitely pick it up it’s so worth it.Or so I think so anyway.


  • Piano music- If you know me then you know that I can slightly play the piano and that it is my favourite instrument to play and listen to.I just think that there are so many different songs you can get out of piano music and so many different emotions you can express.How you can change someones whole mood just by one piano song amazes me.For example, I can listen to one piano song and i can be in floods of tears but the next my mood could instantly be lifted and I could be happy again.I personally think it’s magical.I love listening to piano music when im writing or whenever im studying,or sometimes I will just listen to it when I’m not doing anything else.My favourite piano/instrumental songs that you should definitely listen to are:Time-Hans Zimmer,Isolation-Not sure who by,It’s hard to say goodbye-Michael Ortega and Inception-Michael Ortega
  • Primark-I’ve always been obsessed with Primark,no matter how many times I go shopping in a week,I have to go to primark each time! However,most of the times I will only buy one or two things but since their Autumn range has come I have been obsessed.Everything is amazing,their home range and their clothes range,I went in there withย BeautyBloggerย the other day and spent nearly ยฃ50 then I was there with my mum a few days afterwards and spent another ยฃ40 so yeah,that may not be a lot for some people but for a poor teenager like me that’s a lot! Primark is quite good quality for how cheap it is and you can buy absolutely loads for a really cheap price and everything in there is beautiful!

Okay so I think that they are pretty much all of my favourites for this month! I hope you enjoyed and check out some of the things I mentioned! I’ve got a good ol’ clothing haul ready for you on Thursday so be prepared! Byeee,love you all!

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