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Hey guys so right now I’m watching some Jim Chapman on YouTube in bed and was really craving doing some writing so I thought it was time for a blog post!

So today I want to talk to you about  my night time routine.Now I usually find these quite hard to write because I’m not very organised and I don’t have set times for things but I think I’m just going to roll with it because what’s a life without risks? What’s the quote again? Everybody in life fails at something unless they have lived their life so cautiously that they may have not lived at all,in which case they fail by default.Its something like that anyway,my form tutor had that up on her whiteboard last year and it stuck.Its actually become my go to quote.See JK Rowling does do other things than Harry Potter! Enough wizardry anyway,I’m rambling,I’m sure most of you have a life unlike little old me here so with no further redue,this is my evening routine!

Okay so at about 5pm I’ve been getting back from days out and first of all I just take my coat off and put my bag down,now is about the time I just look through my social medias like facebook and Instagram (linked below) and snapchat.I’m probably there for about half an hour because i’m an extreme procrastinator and I seem to have added a lot of people on snapchat so I am there a very long time looking through stories.After I have finally gone through all the recent updates on the internet I get myself a snack,usually some biscuits or something because hah,i am not healthy.While I am eating my snack I go through some work,no I am not saying I do some really qualified job I just basically clean my room,go through all of my emails and finish off a couple of things like sorting out my old folders from last school year,not exactly what you was expecting when I said work huh?

so it is about 6:30pm by the time I have finished all that and it’s blogging time! I’m either starting to write out a whole new post or finishing the last touches of my last one such as:links and thumbnails or spelling check.If I have enough posts for a while and I don’t need to finish any writing off I will start to take pictures of things to put as extras in my blog posts or start planning new ones instead of actually starting to write them.I’ve got lots of suggestions so look out for them but always suggest post ideas if you’re looking to read a certain type and I will try and fit it in!

So around now it’s usually time for my tea (dinner) and this is when I go and sit downstairs with my family and we catch up on our day and watch some TV,we are going through the Netflix series Outnumbered again and really like to watch game shows when they are on because my family are ridiculously competitive and it’s really fun to actually get together and mess about when most of the day we are doing our own thing or in our room

It’s usually about 7:30pm now so I change into my pyjamas and check my social media again,and watch some Netflix or facetime my friends,now it’s the summer holidays I can’t see them as much so I make sure to keep up with them through WhatsApp and facetime/skype because even though I do make plans with them when i’m free,its hard to keep up because we are all doing different things.I usually skype my friends for about an hour and then go to get ready to be settled for bed.

Firstly I remove my face makeup with the garnier miceller water and my eye makeup with the simple eye makeup remover.I know that the micellar water does remove eye makeup I just feel like the simple eye makeup remover does a better job.After that I exfoliate my face with the visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub.I then use the garnier spray toner and moisturise with the simple face moisturiser.After this I brush my teeth (Oral-B if you were curious) and my hair so I can put it in a side plait because if I don’t my hair will become knotty because it’s so long.It’s finally time to get into bed and catch up on youtube  and play some apps on my phone.I’ve been obsessed with Gabbie Lindley and Connor Franta YouTube wise lately and i’m so into the rolling sky game at the moment because it is so addictive and so well made.

Okay so I do this until about 10pm and then if I’m tired, which to be honest I usually am, I go to sleep, sometimes I don’t go to bed till like 11-12pm/am but I’ve been so tired lately because I’ve been busy so 10 is when I’ve been going to sleep. I also have been having to get up at 7am every morning and then do something in the day so I need as much sleep as I can get.

Sorry my evening routine isn’t very interesting but I actually really enjoyed writing this post so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! I’ve also had quite a through anonymous questions about starting a blog and what consequences it has and I want to do a whole blog post on it but I just want to say please do whatever makes you happy. Bye!

Just Keep Swimming- Finding Nemo/Dory🐠

8 thoughts on “My holiday evening routine |Atypicalteenagerslife

  1. celtics345 says:

    I enjoyed reading about your routine. I usually go to bed at 9 and if I wake up at night I blog or watch tv. I like to catch up on my sleep during the morning and day. You should check out the Netflix tv show ‘Stranger Things’. It’s really good! Have a good day!


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